Recap: Change is Scary in ‘WandaVision’ Season 1, Episode 6 “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!”


In this week’s WandaVision, Wanda’s world begins crumbling around her as outside forces threaten to upend the fantasy within Westview. Vision starts openly questioning what’s going on as Pietro’s arrival proves to be even more disruptive than initially thought. As Hayward regroups, Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy must decide their next move. But who is really responsible for Westview? And how far will Wanda go to keep her world picture perfect — and save Vision?


The episode opens with a credits sequence that pays homage to the classic family sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, with the twins racing around the house in chaos. It’s Halloween, and the boys narrate directly to camera about their plans for the day. Tommy doesn’t have a costume, which he believes makes him the “cool brother” in comparison to Billy. The boys see Pietro still asleep on the couch, and as they debate whether to wake him, Pietro surprises the boys by jumping to his feet and playing with them, using his speed as the boys scream in delight. He’s the “fun uncle” archetype, and as they play Wanda comes downstairs in her Halloween costume (based on the classic Scarlet Witch comic book outfit). Pietro makes a joke about their childhood in Sokovia, and it seems that they remember the events that happened differently.


Vision arrives downstairs, also wearing a costume based on comic book Vision attire. Wanda teases him and thanks him for wearing it, and Vision tightly smiles as he says “well, there were no other clothes in my closet.” He shakes it off quickly and jokes that Pietro is great with kids as Pietro starts a burping contest with the twins. Wanda, still thrown off balance, says Pietro is “full of surprises.” Vision tells Wanda he’ll be working with the neighborhood watch tonight, which surprises Wanda since he didn’t tell her. She recovers quickly, telling Vision that since it’s the twins’ first Halloween, he should be there. Pietro jumps in and says he’ll happily act the role of a father figure for the evening. He even supplies a costume for himself and Tommy, which looks like his signature comic ensemble.

Outside Westview, Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy confront Hayward about the missile. Monica points out that they have no idea what will happen both inside and outside of Westview if Wanda is injured or killed. Hayward doesn’t want to appear to “surrender” to Wanda, but Monica correctly notes that antagonizing her without a clear plan is only going to make things worse. Hayward angrily tells Monica that she doesn’t know what it has been like for the last five years and that he knows her history with Carol Danvers, believing she can’t be objective when it comes to “super powered individuals.” Monica tells him he’s using what happened as an excuse to be a coward. Hayward tells her she doesn’t have what it takes to do this job and tells the soldiers to get her, Darcy, and Jimmy off the base. As they walk outside, Jimmy and Monica note that something is off with Hayward. They turn on the guards and steal their weapons as Darcy mutters “why didn’t anyone tell ME the plan?”


Back in Westview, the twins are running around trying to gather candy as Pietro yells “unleash hell, demon spawn!” Wanda quizzes Pietro on their childhood, which he calls her out on. He says he gets it since he “looks different,” and Wanda wonders why. Before he gives an answer, the boys reappear, and Pietro runs away to help them steal candy using his powers. In moments, Pietro has stolen all the candy and smashed every pumpkin. Wanda approaches Herb, who’s manning the neighborhood watch, to ask how things are going. He lets slip that Vision isn’t patrolling with them tonight, which confuses Wanda even more. Concerned, Herb asks if there’s anything he can do for her or if there’s “anything you’d like changed.” Wanda chuckles and says no before Herb leaves. Vision walks the streets of Westview alone when he notices something strange. The people in the background are only repeating one action over and over, like an animatronic figure. He stares, but is distracted by children running past and keeps walking.

Wanda, Pietro, and the twins leave the movie theater (which is showing The Incredibles and The Parent Trap) as Wanda notes how Pietro is a bad influence. He notes he’s “just trying to do his part” of being the quirky brother-in-law, stopping just short of saying he’s acting in some way. He says “that’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” She doesn’t answer, instead asking what happened to his accent. He asks what happened to hers, noting that “the details are fuzzy.” But he then states that he remembers dying after getting shot, which is how MCU Pietro died (which is not the same storyline for the version of the character that appears in the X-Men franchise). He also says he’s here because he heard her calling out for him. Just then, Tommy and Billy race up, with Tommy exhibiting super speed powers for the first time. Wanda insists Tommy take his brother with him if he’s going to use super speed and reminds them never to go past Ellis Avenue.

Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy sneak into the control room so Darcy can access Hayward’s devices. They discover that Hayward can see into the boundary and has been tracking Vision. They also note that Hayward can see blips representing people, meaning he knows how many people are in Westview. Jimmy notes that the people on the very edges of the boundary don’t appear to be moving at all. As he notes this, we go to Vision as he sees the motionless people. They’re all dressed for Halloween, but they’re frozen and don’t answer him when he calls out to them.


Vision uses his powers to fly above the town, and he sees a lone car with its lights on. He flies to it and sees Agnes dressed as a witch in the front seat, frozen like the others. But when Vision speaks to her, she answers, asking where the town square is and noting she must have taken a wrong turn. She’s expressionless, and Vision touches her head. His powers wake her up, and she gasps. She recognizes him as “one of the Avengers” and asks if he’s here to help her. She asks if she’s dead, and when he asks why she would think that she responds “because you are.” He says he wants to try to contact those outside Westview, but Agnes says that they can’t leave and that Wanda won’t even let the citizens think about leaving. She starts cackling uncontrollably and Vision uses his powers to calm her. She snaps back into character as she drives away, and the camera pans to a street sign saying “Ellis Avenue.” Vision walks beyond it into the field.

Monica prepares to go back inside Westview, but Darcy stops her. She tells Monica that her bloodwork shows that the energy from Westview has already rewritten her cellular makeup twice now and has changed her. Monica says she’s had enough of abnormal cells and says she knows what Wanda’s feeling. Monica won’t stop until she helps her. Darcy says she’ll stay behind until she can breach Hayward’s last firewall. Monica and Jimmy leave, with the three planning to meet up when Darcy finishes.


Wanda and Pietro discuss the town, which takes a turn when Pietro asks where Wanda got all the children from, revealing that he understands everything isn’t real. He says he assumed they were sleeping peacefully since there’s “no need to traumatize beyond the occasional holiday episode cameo, right?” She stutters, and he says “Don’t get me wrong, you’ve handled the ethical considerations of this scenario as best you could,” noting that families are together and most of the residents’ underlying personalities are the same. She delicately asks if he thinks it’s “wrong,” but Pietro tells her he’s impressed. He asks her how she did it in a lighthearted manner, but then seriously tells her she can talk to him when she seems confused and hesitates. She looks him in the eye and says she doesn’t know how she did it. She says she only remembers feeling alone and empty. She turns away to wipe away her tears, and when she turns back Pietro has gone gray, with blood and bullet holes where the MCU Pietro had them when he died. She shakes her head and he returns to normal as he asks if she’s okay.

Darcy sees Vision creep towards the edge of the boundary as Hayward gives the order to move out. Vision tries to open the boundary and successfully leaves as the army watches from the outside. Darcy runs from her hiding spaces as Vision begins to emerge. She sees he’s coming apart and rushes towards him to help while Hayward just watches. When Hayward sees Darcy, he stops her from moving closer. Billy hears Vision crying out from inside Westview and can hear Hayward’s voice. He stops his brother, and both run to Wanda to tell her something’s wrong. Darcy is being cuffed as she hears Vision plea for help for the people inside.

He collapses as Wanda asks Billy where Vision is. Pietro says “it’s not like your dead husband can die twice,” and Wanda’s patience runs out. She blasts him across the town square. She turns to Billy and asks him to focus. He can see flashes of what Vision saw, and Wanda stops all the action, freezing everyone in the square. She focuses all her energy and begins expanding the boundary. Jimmy and Monica notice the boundary changing and speed away, barely avoiding it. The new boundary overtakes the camp, turning her into Westview, and the soldier guarding Darcy leaves her behind as they run. All the soldiers and Darcy become part of Westview as Hayward speeds away. No one responds when he calls for them over the walkie-talkie. We see Wanda’s eyes glow as the credits roll.

New episodes of WandaVision premiere Fridays on Disney+.

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