Tuesday, November 29, 2022

LISTEN: Tim Omundson Appears on the ‘Bootstrap Bitch’ Podcast

FANDOMLISTEN: Tim Omundson Appears on the 'Bootstrap Bitch' Podcast

On the latest episode of Bootstrap Bitch, host Alicia Coppola talks with actor Timothy Omundson about his recovery after having a stroke in 2017, how his family and friends helped him, and about going back to acting on This Is Us.

“This dashing man is a magnificent actor, father, and husband who also happens to be a dear friend. Timothy Omundson’s career spans decades. You know him from his brilliant roles on ‘Psych,’ ‘Galavant,’ and my favorite because it is where we met, ‘Jericho,’ among so many others. Four years ago this April, at the height of his career, while promoting a film in Florida, Tim suffered a major stroke in the airport bathroom. In this episode, Tim speaks very candidly about his perseverance throughout his recovery, the love he has for his family and friends who supported him and his family, the gratitude he has daily, and how special it is to be back on TV on the NBC hit show ‘This Is Us.’ Well… This Is Tim…”

Timothy Omundson plays Gregory on This Is Us. He previously played Cain on Supernatural, Carlton Lassiter on Psych, and King Richard on Galavant. Host Alicia Coppola played Sheila Moscovi on Why Women Kill, Meghan Conway on Empire, Sue on Shameless and is the author of Gracefully Gone.

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The episode was announced by Coppola on Twitter:

Bootstrap Bitch is available to listen on Apple Podcasts and wherever you listen to podcasts.

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