The Best Moments From ‘Legacies’ “Salvatore: The Musical!” Episode

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Last night’s episode of Legacies was the second musical episode of the series, “Salvatore: The Musical!” The episode acted as a love letter to the shows that have come before it, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Although in the beginning it was hard to imagine what it would be like to revisit these storylines and beloved characters, each and every actor excelled in their performances (in a way that showed they really do respect the work of the two previous shows) and truly brought enjoyment to the forefront.

Check out some of our favorite moments from the episode below!

Jade Lends an “Arm” to Josie

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After coming off stage, the guidance counselor-turned-monster, Puck, who after telling Josie she is doing a wonderful job in her depiction of Elena and understanding her story, in the same breath breaks Josie’s arm thus making it so she couldn’t finish the musical. Back in her room getting treated, Jade comes in the room to assist her.

You’re Special

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At first, Hope was entirely against the musical and wanted to distance herself as far away as possible. But when she had to drop Lizzie’s letter off from her mom, she sees Puck with a younger girl playing her performing a scene. It reminds her of exactly how her dad would be to her, giving her a sense of comfort.

Hello, Brother.

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Of course, we can’t forget the Salvatore brothers! Jed and Kaleb truly got into their roles as the brothers (down to Jed’s brooding Stefan face and Kaleb’s Damon smolder). The “Hello Brother” song was the perfect example of the masterful performance these two gave.

Hope Sings “Always and Tomorrow”

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Because of Josie’s broken arm, Hope steps in as Elena, and as the last number to close out the musical, she sang “Always and Tomorrow.” To me, if anyone had to step in and sing it, it was the perfect idea for her to be that person. She was working through something extremely personal to her, and this song was the perfect reflection of that. And Danielle Russell’s beautiful singing voice is a positive, too.

Lizzie’s Time to Shine

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Let me begin by saying I believe nobody else could pull off playing Caroline as Lizzie did (she is her mother’s daughter after all!) That being said, she gets a solo in the musical, and much of Caroline’s early story is similar to Lizzie’s. She feels like she is second best and not good enough. Of course we know that isn’t the case, but because she got to portray her mom, it made it that much more sentimental and really pulled at the heartstrings.

Caroline’s Cameo

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Although Caroline didn’t exactly make an appearance on the episode, she did send Lizzie a beautiful letter of encouragement. The letter was read to us in Caroline’s voice, and it was the perfect way to show Lizzie just how loved and appreciated she is by her mom and it was clear that this was something she needed to hear.

“Dear Lizzie, hopefully this can give you some perspective on who I used to be. When I was your age, I remember feeling like I was a total mess, like I was waiting to become a better version of me so my real life could start. But it wasn’t becoming a vampire that changed everything. Change is a series of small moments that build on each other, like steps up the side of a mountain. Your life isn’t on hold until you figure everything out. It’s already happening. You’re already changing, moment by moment. And Elizabeth, there is nothing wrong with you. Your brain chemistry creates unique challenges for you, but you are not broken. You are growing and changing every day, and it is beautiful to watch.”

Honorable Mentions

Jed and Kaleb lifting Josie
The CW

“Actually … I kinda like Stefan.” “Me too!” ” … He’s like the anchor to the whole story.” – Jed and Landon

“Doppelgänger, Doppelgänger, Doppelgänger, Doppelgänger!”
The CW

What were your favorite moments from the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

Legacies airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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