Recap: The Facade is Breaking “On a Very Special Episode” of ‘WandaVision’ in Season 1, Episode 5



We broke away from the sitcom and saw outside the energy field. S.W.O.R.D. and the FBI are on the mysterious case of the the forgotten town of Westview and everyone who’s gone missing inside. FBI Agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) and Dr. of Astrophysics Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) of MCU movies past joined the team as they all try to uncover who and what is beyond the “Westview Anomaly.” This week, we’re back with Wanda, Vision, and the twins Tommy and Billy in the 80s … what will be uncovered this week?


Wanda and Vision are finding parenting to be a bit more than they bargained for. The boys won’t sleep. Vision heads to grab their binkies. Wanda decides that enough is enough and tries to lull the boys to sleep in a way only she can, but somehow the boys are impervious to her powers and continue to cry, wide awake.”Why won’t you do what I want?” Wanda asks before Vision arrives right on cue, binkies in ears (ears he doesn’t have.)

The magic of the binkies lasts only a moment before Wanda admits they need some help — ding dong. Auntie Agnes has arrived with a few tricks up her sleeve! She’s ready to dive in and get those babies to sleep, but an overprotective Vision stops her from picking either of the twins up, and that’s when it gets weird. Agnes stutters over her words before asking Wanda if she wants her to “take that again?” After a pause shes continues, “You want me to hold the babies. Should we just take it from the top?” She’s acting as if they’re really filming a television series, and Wanda is the director.

Wanda is confused, but brushes it off as Vision looks on suspiciously, laughing through his own confusion. Wanda laughs as well before telling Vision to let Agnes give it a try. He reluctantly agrees, and the awkward silence is broken as they all snap back into character. Vision has no idea what’s going on. He wants to know what on Earth that was about. Wanda acts as if she saw nothing, and Vision asks if she really didn’t see what he saw? She reassures him they both need a break and Agnes being there is a good thing.

The room is suddenly silent, and Wanda and Vizh revel in it, before realizing the bassinets are now empty. A small voice calls out, “Mommy … daddy?” from behind them, and the boys are in front of the stairs, now about five years old. Agnes looks on unfazed, sipping whiskey on the counter. “Kids, can’t control ’em, no matter how hard you try.”


After the 80s themed opening credits scene of WandaVision, Monica Rambeau is being treated after her journey out of Westview. She says she remembers pain and Wanda’s voice in her head, and a heavy weight pulling her down, it was as if she was drowning — grief. Wanda’s grief.

Jimmy and Darcy head in to check on her and update her on what’s happening. The medical tech returns, stating she needs to take Monica’s x-rays again, because there’s something wrong with the machine, and her images are blank. Somehow her bloodwork didn’t come out either, and she has to do it again. Monica refuses, she’s ready to get back to work.

Director Hayward is giving a briefing on the “Westview Anomaly,” calling Wanda the principle victimizer. Jimmy gives a brief history on Wanda, but Hayward isn’t having his positive views on Wanda. To him, she’s a villain. Jimmy also confirms that Wanda has no alias, she’s just Wanda, even in the Avengers. Monica defends Wanda when Hayward refers to her a terrorist, saying she has no political agenda or inclination toward destruction. She also states that even though Wanda threw her miles across New Jersey, she’s alive because Wanda chose to protect her. Monica then brings up an interesting point: Wanda has put up her own quarantine, rather than risk the lives of defenseless citizens should she lose control of herself.


Hayward still isn’t having it. He brings up a visual from nine days prior of Wanda storming the S.W.O.R.D. headquarters and stealing Vision’s corpse, which violated both Vision’s living will and Section 36b of the Sokovia Accords. Jimmy questions how exactly Wanda was able to resurrect Vision without the Mind Stone.

Tommy and Billy have brought home a puppy they found outside, crying and alone. Wanda seems on board, and when Vision walks into the kitchen donning his human disguise, Wanda asks why he’s looking so “formal.” He tells her it’s just in case someone pops over for a visit with exactly what they need at that very moment — the door opens and in strolls Agnes, dog kennel in hand.

Agnes says she saw the puppy through her kitchen window as she asks the boys about his name. They settle on Sparky (put that in your Easter Egg basket if you’re keeping track!), and Wanda manifests a new collar for the little pooch … right in front of Agnes. Vision is appalled that she’d use her powers so blatantly in front of a human, but Wanda assures him Agnes didn’t even notice. In fact, Agnes hadn’t even noticed when the boys went from babies to 5-year-olds.

Vizh and Wanda get into a little argument about it, and Wanda tells him she’s tired of hiding, so perhaps he doesn’t have to either. Vision doesn’t go for it. “Wanda, we are usually so much of the same mind, but right now … what aren’t you telling me?”

The couple is interrupted by Billy asking if Sparky is their dog. The parents agree that the boys need to be 10 years old before they’d be responsible enough to be able to take care of a dog. So, the boys age up to 10 years old. Agnes jokes that they better hope at least the dog stays the same size!


On the S.W.O.R.D. base, Monica and Darcy are brainstorming ways to get Monica safely back into Westview. Jimmy arrives with coffee as Monica and Darcy land on a theoretical solution, and Monica says she knows an aerospace engineer who would be up for this challenge (cough, Rhodey, cough). Darcy has named the Anomaly “The Hex” (fitting …) and Jimmy asks if the boys have been identified yet as missing people. Monica assures him that the boys are not a victim of Westview, but a product of Wanda. They’re hers.

The trio gets into a discussion about just what is comprising Westview. It’s real objects in there, this isn’t just a mind game, Monica tells him. Jimmy admits that if that’s the case, this is far exceeding any level of power Wanda’s displayed in the past. Monica reminds them that she would have been able to single-handedly take down Thanos if he hadn’t initiated that blitz. And she’s not wrong. Then, Jimmy brings up a sore subject for Monica — Captain Marvel. He tells her that Captain Marvel had also come close, and Darcy confirms that, like Wanda, Carol Danvers’ powers also came from an Infinity Stone. Monica quickly changes the subject, then spots the photo of the S.W.O.R.D. drone she’d flown into Westview on the wall. She’s got an idea.

They head to the lab and find “Geraldine’s” outfit hanging, and Darcy and Jimmy have to acknowledge that this isn’t all mind control, because they can see the outfit plain as day. Monica fires three shots of Jimmy’s gun at her fish bellbottoms — they’re bulletproof, just like the Kevlar vest she was wearing when Westview sucked her in. This isn’t an illusion, Wanda is re-writing reality to fit the narrative. So what happens if they send something in that doesn’t need to change?

Vision is at work, Norm fawning over their new computers. Vizh sits down to show him how the internet works, and an email comes in. It’s from Darcy.


The rest of the staff laugh it off, but Vision doesn’t. Norm tells him, “It’s a joke. None of it is real.” But Vision knows. Utilizing his own powers, Vision snaps Norm out of his character, and he’s a terrified man begging for help. He doesn’t know what day it is, or how long it’s been. He begs Vision to help him, to stop her, she’s in his head … it hurts so much. Vision snaps him back into character.

Back at home, Wanda and the boys are having a great time with Sparky, and Tommy and Billy want to show Dad his new tricks. Wanda tells them he’s at work, and the boys are confused because it’s Saturday. Wanda says no, it’s Monday, but the boys insist it’s Saturday. Wanda quickly adjusts and tells them their was an emergency and he needed to go into the office. She continues and says that Dad just needed a break. Her and him aren’t on the same page, but family is forever. Tommy asks if she has a brother, and she tells him she does, but he’s far away …

Sparky gets agitated and heads to the door barking. Wanda hears a strange and unwelcome whirring. Monica has found a drone from the 80s to infiltrate Westview. She’s located Wanda. She tries to communicate through the microphone on the drone, and Wanda’s eyes glow red. Hayward then commands to “take the shot” … at Wanda. That wasn’t part of Monica’s plan. She’s furious. The broadcast on Darcy’s television goes dead as something breeches the energy field’s perimeter.

It’s Wanda, carrying the drone, dressed her in familiar Avengers attire.


Wanda throws the destroyed drone before the crowd of S.W.O.R.D. operatives, Hayward, and Monica. With her Sokovian accent making its return, she cautions Hayward that this will be his only warning.

Stay Out of my home.

She just wants to be left alone, “You don’t bother me, I won’t bother you.” She’s surprised to see Monica still present, and she flashes her signature red energy as Monica approaches. Monica tells her that she knows Wanda knew who she was, that she willingly let a S.W.O.R.D. agent into Westview — her home — because she knows that Monica wants to help her, but what does she want?

I Have what I want. ANd no one will ever take it from me again.


As she heads back through the energy field, Wanda’s telepathic powers make their way around the crowd as dozens of guns are now pointed on Hayward, and she commands them to drop before sealing the field back up.

Commercial break: Lagos Brand Paper Towels with the same two familiar actors as the previous three. “Lagos. For when you make a mess you didn’t mean to.”

Tommy, Billy, and Wanda are searching the streets for Sparky — he’s missing. A passing mailman tells them he’ll turn up, their mom wouldn’t let him get far … Some bushes rustle and the boys are thrilled, but a somber Agnes pokes her head up above the bush. She’s got Sparky wrapped in a blanket. He ate too many poisonous Azalea leaves, and she didn’t find him until it was too late.

The boys are obviously distraught over the loss of Sparky and give each other a familiar glance — they’re going to age themselves up. Wanda stops them, telling them that she knows the urge to run from this feeling is powerful. Tommy begs Wanda to fix it, “You can fix anything mom, fix dead!” and Agnes looks on shocked, “You can do that?”

She tells the boys, “We can’t reverse death, no matter how sad it makes us, some things are forever.” They beg her to bring him back, family is forever, and Vision approaches asking, “Bring who back?”

That night, Vision confronts Wanda about what the heck is going on here in Westview after he buries poor Sparky in the backyard. He tells her that he spoke to Norm’s suppressed personality free of Wanda’s oversight. She tries to change the subject, but Vision tells her she can’t control him like she does them. “Can’t I?” she responds.

The end credits begin, but the show isn’t over. Vision follows Wanda into the living room, inquring about the “Maximoff Anamoly” and says that he hopes she’d subconsciously formed it and only recently became aware. She still doesn’t acknowledge that she even knows what he’s talking about.


Jetting into the air, Vision commands that she stop lying to him, and she follows him up off the floor, saying this is all for us, so let her handle it. He asks what is outside of Westview, and she tells him he doesn’t want to know (because outside of Westview he’s dead?) He tells her she can’t make that decision for him, and after her offended response to his behavior he exasperatedly reminds her that he can’t remember a thing before Westview. He can’t remember his life. He doesn’t know who he is, and he’s scared.

You are my husband. You are Tommy and Billy’s father. Isn’t that enough?

Vision still isn’t satisfied. He knows there are no other children in Westview, and then Wanda asks him, “Do you really think I am in control of everything? That I am somehow in charge of everybody in Westview?”

I don’t know how any of this started in the first place.

Vision, trying to comfort her, leans on the floor in front of the couch and places his hand on her knee, telling her that what she’s doing is wrong. The doorbell rings, and Wanda assures Vision that wasn’t her, she didn’t do that, but she knows he doesn’t believe her. When she answers the door, she gasps.

On the front steps is a new character in this story, but one we’ve seen elsewhere before — Pietro (Evan Peters, X-Men: Days of Future Past).

long lost bro get to squeeze his stinkin’ sister to death or what?


As she’s watching the broadcast, Darcy notes the blatant recasting (MCU Pietro was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Avengers: Age of Ultron). This is a new Pietro, but Pietro nonetheless. And obviously Wanda recognizes him still. But how?

WandaVision is currently streaming its first five episodes exclusively on Disney+. Episode 6 will premiere next Friday, February 12.

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