Saturday, March 25, 2023

Lou Diamond Phillips’ ‘The Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira’ on Audible’s Top Five, Five Star Rave Worthy Favorites!

BOOKSLou Diamond Phillips' 'The Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira' on Audible's Top Five,...

If you haven’t gotten your hands on, The Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira, we may or may not be questioning your life choices. We highly recommend this book, so much so that you can check out our review here. Not only do we recommend it, but apparently so do fans who listen to the book via Audible. Listeners have rated The Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira with high praise, that it has become Audible’s Top Five, Five Star Rave-worthy Favorites of January! The book released back in October has taken this sci-fi fantasy world by storm, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. Whether you listen to it via audible platforms or get a hardcopy of your own (with beautifully illustrated pictures by none other than Yvonne Phillips), you won’t be disappointed. In case you missed our interview with Lou Diamond Phillips himself about his book, his production company, and more, you can check that out here.

Congratulations to Lou Diamond Phillips and his wife Yvonne on this incredible milestone! We look forward to seeing more from you (especially in The Tinderbox sequel). Make sure you get your copy today!

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