Top 10 Jessica Whitly Moments From Season 1 of ‘Prodigal Son’

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In anticipation of Prodigal Son‘s much-awaited second season, we’ve compiled a list celebrating our favorite characters, one of which is Jessica Whitly. She’s incredibly strong, sassy, brave, and an all-out queen every time she graces our screens. Whether she’s going toe to toe with her murderer ex-husband Martin, checking in on her kids, or finding herself in the middle of more crime, she’s a downright delightful character that we hope to see more of in season two! Check out our top season one Jessica Whitly moments below!

Jessica Whitly, Queen of Sass

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Every Prodigy knows Jessica Whitly is the absolute queen of one-liners, sarcasm, and sassy comebacks. She’s especially good at twisting the knife when dealing with her ex serial killer husband Martin, and this moment is one of our favorites! Martin calls to complain about Eve after she slaps him (go Eve!), but Jessica digs right in with her hilarious and perfect quip answering the phone, “Mr. David, I do hope it was quick. A stroke, maybe? Or a heart attack wouldn’t be the worst thing either.” Their whole conversation is full of excellent snips from Jessica, so we say brava to Jessica Whitly, Queen of Sass!

Protects Ainsley from the Junkyard Killer

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Jessica is nothing if not extremely protective of her children. We see it mainly with Malcolm as she views Ainsley as the ‘normal’ one, but when the Junkyard Killer invades their home on a mission to kill them, Jessica doesn’t hesitate to fight. She hauls Ainsley away from him, trying the doors, then ultimately barricading herself and an injured Ainsley in her room. She’s fully willing to do anything in the name of protecting Ainsley.

Visits Martin after 20 Years

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Just as Jessica did everything to protect Ainsley from the Junkyard Killer, she’s willing to do anything to protect Malcolm, even if it means breaking her promise to never visit Martin in prison. When Malcolm’s reconnection with Martin threatens his mental health, she doesn’t hesitate to step in and try to save Malcolm from Martin, who seems to be inflicting even more trauma. It doesn’t work, but the fact that she went after 20 years of silence speaks volumes of her love for her son.

Jessica and Gil Rekindle their Connection

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Fans everywhere cheered when Jessica and Gil finally kissed after episodes of stolen glances and hints at affection. They share a heartfelt conversation in which we learn that Jessica believed she wasn’t good enough for Gil and so they ‘missed their window’. Their kiss goes to show that Jessica might be moving forward with the hope that she can have happiness again with Gil — they didn’t have to miss their window (at least that’s what we’re hoping for in season 2)!

Jessica has Great Aim

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We know Malcolm is a two-time silver medal ax thrower, and looking back at this episode, it’s clear where he got that skill. From across the room, Jessica takes aim and throws her heel at Malcolm’s television, perfectly hitting and sticking the heel deep into the screen. Looks like Malcolm inherited Jessica’s arm.

Jessica Has Taste

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Jessica has a love for fashion that she regularly likes to shower on Malcolm with tailor-made suits like when he goes on a date with Eve and just as he’s about to go on vacation. She insists that he wear the all-white suit on his way to a tropical vacation, and he reluctantly agrees. It leads to some truly hilarious teasing when he ends up wearing the suit to a murder scene, and we’d like to thank Jessica personally for her amazing taste in fashion.

She Saves Herself and Gil. In Heels.

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There’s so much to say about how downright badass Jessica was in the season finale. When she sees Gil stabbed, she keeps her cool long enough to smash a plate over Endicott’s head, which disarms him long enough for her to escape down the huge staircase. She snatches up Gil’s keys and proceeds to t-bone the would-be murderer’s car, rescues Gil from the trunk, gets him into his car, and speeds away to the hospital. She doesn’t let the high stakes life or death situation get to her and somehow acts quickly in the face of danger to rescue herself and Gil — in heels!

Which is your favorite Jessica moment? Let us know in the comments below! Prodigal Son returns to FOX on January 12 at 9/8 CT.

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