Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Taylor Swift Comes Full Circle in ‘evermore’ Deluxe Album

It seems the small monochrome town residing tales spun from characters such as high schooler Betty’s lives are truly in our rearview. Our present makes for a more colorful palette as the evermore deluxe album pops up on streaming platforms. Although avid fans have already heard these two heart-stopper tracks on the physical version, they sit nicely with the theme’s time jump of exploring adult problems.

For instance, there’ll always be one person taking up space in the back of our minds. It obviously didn’t work out, but a piece of us will always be frozen in time due to its heartbroken nature. “right where you left me” is that song. A girl sees so many things change, yet the one thing that never does is her love for him. Whereas sometimes there are situations we wish to forget, escaping them as we realize time’s up. This guitar-strummed lullaby with a backbone tells us we need to put ourselves first and, indeed, “it’s time to go.”

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We know both will find a home in your Spotify likes section, so you can click that love heart here as well as being available to listen on other streaming platforms such as Apple Music.

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