Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Kross Studio Releases the Limited Quantity Fine Art Batmobile Desk Clock

Kross Studio is aiming to be a leading maker when it comes to fine art collectibles, setting out to take ordinary objects and turn them into master artistry pieces. The studio has partnered with none other than Warner Bros. Consumer Products to release the first of its kind — a desk clock based on the iconic 1989 Batmobile that was driven by Michael Keaton in the Tim Burton directed film!

Courtesy of Studio Eliot and Watson.

Kross Studio was founded in 2020 by five entrepreneurs that have culminated 80 years of experience to bring high-grade materials to life with premium quality and performance ability. Kross’ mission is to create freely while pushing the limits, promoting local craftsmanship while using their experience to innovate. So far the studio has only collaborated with Warner Bros. Consumer Productions, but they promise new collaborations will be announced in the coming months.

Because these pieces are collectibles, The Batmobile is limited to 100 but it’s perfect for those who value fine art as well as iconic moments in film history. Because the Batmobile clock is based on the Batmobile itself, it does contain the same proportions as well as most of the same details as the car itself. The clock, made out of black-coated aluminum, consists of 512 total components with the clock hands orientated horizontally on the center of the hood on twin cylinders.

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Also included is a Batman shaped key to aid in winding the clock and setting the time! As for the specs, the clock’s power reserve is able to last 30 days, running at a frequency of 3 Hz.

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If you’re interested, the piece retails for $29,000, but again, it’s the perfect item for those whole value true craftsmanship and collector’s items. Click here for more information on Kross Studio and to purchase the limited edition item.

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