‘Harry Potter’ Online Store Opens

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Exciting news fellow Harry Potter fans! Harry Potter New York has opened its online store! Fans can enjoy all the magic of the world of Harry Potter world without even leaving their home. They opened the online store right before the holiday season at HarryPotterStore.com to get ready for the Harry Potter New York opening in early 2021. This newest online store will have everything from props to Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, wands, and robes for each of the Hogwarts Houses that shoppers can also get specially personalized.

Not only can you get the amazing previously mentioned items you are also treated to the Magical Congress of the United States (MACUSA) collection that has special accessories and clothing similar to those in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Harry Potter New York will also have the Golden Snitch wand that will only be available at the shop’s location when it opens. Fans can also get wands that represent each of the four house mascots, the Horcruxes, and creatures like the Fawkes.

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Harry Potter New York will be located near the Flatiron Building in downtown New York City and will be the only stand-alone store of its kind. There is no set opening day but we do know it will be next year. Harry Potter New York promises to be full of amazing things within its 20,000 square feet and three stories as it will have one of the biggest collections of the Wizarding World. The New York location will also offer fun photo opportunities and more. As a huge Harry Potter fan, I fully plan on exploring this store in the future. Stay tuned for more updates as opening day gets closer and closer!

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