Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Tune in Today for a New Episode of ‘Jake & Shake’

TELEVISIONYOUTUBETune in Today for a New Episode of 'Jake & Shake'

I think we could all use a drink after that finale last night.

Thankfully, Jake Abel is coming to our rescue tonight with an all-new episode of Jake & Shake.

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In addition to working during quarantine, Abel has put on a multitude of fun events through Jake & Bake, Jake & Shake, and a plethora of “short films” such as Bravelecki, keeping us highly entertained. We can’t wait to see what fun shenanigans he has in store for tonight.

To check out some of Jake’s latest content, visit his YouTube page. Make sure to keep an eye out for Abel on Instagram Live so you don’t miss what is sure to be a much-needed treat.

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