Stands Releases Merchandise From Prior Campaigns


After opening the 2020 Holiday Shop, Stands continues to tempt us with even more merchandise! The go-to online shop for Supernatural merchandise has released its remaining stock of t-shirts and hoodies from previous campaigns.

Included in the release are Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster’s “Wayward AF” and “Wayward Forever” merch, Rachel Miner’s “Believe” campaign, Misha Collins’ “I wish for this” campaign (excluding the bracelet), the “SPN Family Love” tees, the SPN cast’s “SPN FamILY” line, Wil Wheaton’s “Acting Ensign” tees,  and Jewel Staite’s “No Frets Given” campaign, to name a few.

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There is also remaining merchandise for campaigns from Samantha Smith, Karen David, Katherine Ramdeen, Shoshannah Stern, Amy Gumenick, and Sean Maguire. As usual, a portion of the proceeds from all campaigns will go towards helping a variety of charitable organizations.

Stock for all campaigns is in limited supply, so if you missed out on some of these amazing campaigns, act fast! You can find and purchase the merch here.

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