Five Times Michael Showed Us That Lucifer Is the Best Twin

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Spoiler ahead for Lucifer Season 5!

Welcome, Lucifans. We can probably all agree that Michael is a dick. This article is full of the reasons why we think that Michael is the worst twin. So if you haven’t seen the first eight episodes of season 5, what are you waiting for? But joking aside, this article is full of season 5A spoilers, so you should really watch it first. However, if you’ve already seen it then you know exactly what we mean about Michael. So, onto the reason we’re all here: Michael is a dick and below we’ve collected five examples of why.

“BlueBallz” (Season 5, Episode 6)/”Our Mojo” (Season 5, Episode 7)

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Lucifer and Dan help Amenadiel with baby Charlie. Lucifer threw his phone through the window because he doesn’t want to talk to Chloe. With Charlie finally asleep, Dan leaves the brothers to get some rest. He then gets a phone call from Michael, impersonating Lucifer, asking him to come back. When he does, he sees Lucifer’s devil face. Next episode, Dan is visiting Charlotte’s grave and tells her he doesn’t know what to do. Michael visits him with his full angelic appearance and starts to talk to him about Lucifer. Later, Dan enters Lucifer’s penthouse and shoots him while Chloe is there. Lucifer, to everyone’s surprise, is unharmed and we realize Michael manipulated Dan into trying to kill Lucifer.

“Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!” (Season 5, Episode 2)

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Lucifer came back from Hell but is acting very strange. Everyone is trying to convince Chloe that it’s normal since The Devil was stuck in Hell for thousands of years. Lucifer tells Chloe that his feelings haven’t changed and all seems well until Maze, furious after being abandoned on Earth, attacks Lucifer in his penthouse. During the fight, the truth emerges. It’s not Lucifer, it’s his twin brother Michael. He is furious about the praises Lucifer is getting in the Silver City for going back to Hell and decided to go on Earth to play with his brother’s friends and destroy his life. Michael realizes, after spending time with all of Lucifer’s friends and especially with Chloe, that he doesn’t want to ruin Lucifer’s life, he wants to steal it.

“Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!” 

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In the same episode, Linda comes to talk to Michael posing as Lucifer about his return from Hell, because she wants to make sure Charlie is safe. He tries to convince her Hell is safe. Linda reminds him of what happened to Charlie before and that she has good reasons to be worried. Michael is uncomfortable with Linda questioning him and jumps on the topic of Charlie’s safety, saying that Linda is afraid of being a bad mother and that she has a good reason for that. Linda is troubled and later we saw her looking at an old picture of her holding a baby.

 “Spoiler Alert” (Season 5, Episode 8)

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Lucifer is busy concocting a plan to take revenge on Dan after his attempt to shoot him. Meanwhile, Chloe is focusing on the investigation. She tries to contact Lucifer with a lead, but her call goes to voice mail. She is then attacked and abducted. Lucifer and Ella are convinced that the abduction is linked to the case and try to resolve it without Chloe. They finally realize that Chloe’s disappearance was orchestrated to hurt Lucifer. Chloe wakes up in a cell and finds that Michael is her kidnapper. The archangel is using her to get back at his brother as part of his big revenge plan.

“Spoiler Alert” 

Courtesy of Netflix

During the fight between Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze, and Michael, all the humans at the police precinct are frozen in time due to Amenadiel’s powers. As Lucifer and Amenadiel are getting the upper hand in the fight, Michael gets Maze to give him one of her blades and throws it at the nearest frozen human police officer to distract his opponents. Lucifer manages to stop the blade before it can reach the officer and throws it away, while Michael uses his distraction to attack Amenadiel with Maze’s help.

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