The Stands Holiday Shop Is Now Open!

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Attention, fans! The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: the Stands Holiday Shop is now open (cue the horns)! There’s a lot of merch to get through, so let’s jump right into it!

First up, we have the new Misha Collins “For Love” Collection that celebrates the unforgettably heartbreaking moment when Destiel became canon (“Despair” is going to haunt us forever… but in the absolute best way). The collection includes a heart necklace bordered by angel wings, a patch that says “For Love” with the infamous handprint next to it, a blue varsity jacket with black wings etched onto the shoulder blades, and a short sleeve tee that says sports the “For Love” design with a handprint on the shoulder. Stands, you just couldn’t help yourself, huh? 100% of the proceeds from this item will benefit LGBTQIA+ and homelessness organizations.

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Next up, we have the holiday-themed clothing — can’t have the holiday shop without the holiday items. Sadly, the Not Even a Moose shirts didn’t make a comeback, but Stands more than made up for it with the gigantic slew of items available this season. This year’s featured item is an “Impala-la-la-la” design available as both a short-sleeved tee and a hoodie.

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To finish out the clothing, we have a Moose and Squirrel Stadium Scarf, Baby Stadium Scarf, Mystery Spot Socks, Sam Smith’s “Rise” Breast Cancer Awareness Slouch Beanie, Ruth Connell’s “Wee Bit Wicked” Scarf, and Alexander Calvert’s “The End Has No End” tee. Jared Padalecki’s “You Define You” shirt and hoodie are also back up for grabs. We’re happy to see old and new campaigns alike as we look to add to our ever-growing merch collections.

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Next, we have the jewelry. There’s an assortment of charms, pins, and patches available in the holiday shop from a variety of campaigns. The charms include Julie McNiven’s Angel Radio charm, Sam Smith’s “Rise” Phoenix charm, Timothy Omundson’s “Unbroken” charm, and Jared Padalecki’s AKF charm. Enamel pins are also available, with a new “Real Queens” pin from Alaina and Hanna Huffman, a “Thanks Boys” pin, Padalecki’s “You Define You” pin, “Bitch, Jerk” pins, as well as Alexander Calvert’s “The End Has No End” pin. Finally, a season 15 patch, Padalecki’s “Always Keep Fighting” moose patch, and a necklace sporting Sam and Dean’s table carving initials on it are available.

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Last but not least, we have the miscellaneous category. Items from Jared’s “You Define You” campaign have cropped up once again with the moose plushie and AKF bracelet making a reappearance. A couple of new items are on the table as well, with a “SPN Family Forever” Tumbler, a keychain boasting the phrase “Not just Stupid, Winchester Stupid” (a personal favorite), and a “SuperGood” art print hand-signed by Michael Sheen and Misha Collins themselves.

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A portion of the proceeds from these items will go towards a multitude of charities from past campaigns including (but not limited to) Equal Hope, Random Acts, Lydia Place, and the ever-present Animal Allies. With the show ending soon, merch production may slow down, so make sure to grab some items and immortalize Supernatural‘s legacy in your collection forever while supporting a plethora of great causes. Shipping dates vary by item. To order your merch and learn more, be sure to visit Stands’ website. Happy shopping!


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