Nerds Gets Spooky: Celebrate “The One with the Halloween Party” With ‘Friends’

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Every day of October, the Nerds and Beyond staff are bringing you our favourite Halloween themed episodes as a way of embracing the festive season! Today we’re taking a trip to Central Perk to spend the day with our favourite six New Yorkers.

In episode 6 of season 8 of Friends, we’re invited, as the title suggests, to Mondler’s (Monica and Chandler’s) last-minute Halloween party. In typical Friends fashion, various shenanigans ensue including Joey dressing up as Chandler, Rachel giving away all the Halloween candy… and cash… and even starts writing checks for the adorable children who come by trick or treating, as well as Phoebe’s emotional turmoil due to falling for the fiancé of her twin sister, Ursula, the week before their wedding, and finding out the lies she’d been feeding him.

Courtesy of NBC

The highlight of the episode, however, is definitely the iconic arm-wrestling contest with a matchup between Ross “Doodie Spudnik” Geller and Chandler “Pink Bunny Velveteen Rabbit” Bing.

This episode invites you to live vicariously through the show and imagine yourself there with the gang at the party. This is especially welcome at present due to the ongoing pandemic, as the notion of a Halloween party seems particularly out of reach. Whether you want to wash down your fears after watching something particularly horrifying or you just aren’t too keen on getting spooked this Halloween season, you can always count on the Friends gang to give you a fun, light-hearted, comforting time.

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