SeaWorld Orlando Announces Fall Inside Look Weekends

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Courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando

Now is your chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into world-class animal care. Every Saturday and Sunday starting November 7 through November 15, park guests can join the animal trainers for a unique experience at six completely behind-the-scenes locations.

The special event will allow guests to attend an intimate and socially distanced Trainer Talk with one of the park’s animal care specialists. Guests can even earn an exclusive and free Exports Explorers Pin by visiting three event locations or trainer talks. Inside Look tours and trainer talks will also be available at each location at different times throughout the day.

SeaWorld would also like to remind guests that Inside Look Weekends will be with limited capacity to ensure the safety of everyone and to promote social distancing.

Courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando

Trainer Talk is a brand-new feature at this year’s event. The unique experience will allow guests to sit down and chat with one of the park’s trainers and learn about the care that goes into making sure all the animals are happy and hear them share their passion for caring for animals. Trainer Talk locations will include Dolphin Theater, Sea Lion Theater, Otter Theater, and Orca Encounter. At Orca Encounter, have an exclusive backstage experience and sit down with the animal care experts who care for the health and well-being of the killer whales living at SeaWorld. Guests will also learn how they prepare hundreds of pounds of fish each day, see the whale enrichment toys, visit the park’s medical pool, and system of habitat pools to learn about the special care for SeaWorld’s largest residents.

Courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando

The fun doesn’t end there. Inside Look offers five other locations to complete your behind-the-scenes experiences. Ever wondered how they prepare a fresh feast for Sea Lions and Dolphins? Visit Fish House and get a first-hand look at SeaWorld Orlando’s Zoological Commissary and learn about how they provided and best diets and nutrition for all the animals living in the park’s care. Please note this location is not ADA accessible.

Courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando

Venture into SeaWorld’s penguin habit to see what goes into caring for these beautiful birds. Coming from some of the coldest environments on the planet, their diets and care are just as unique as our feathery friends. Guests will get an exclusive view of the birds, learn how they are fed and what it takes to care for an entire colony of penguins.

Courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando

At Shark Encounter, experience what goes into taking care of sharks and sawfish. Visit the medical pool and learn how sharks get a physical, view of the moving walkway used to temporarily divide the exhibit for cleaning, learn how experts feed the sharks, get a viewpoint of the sharks exclusive to animal trainers and listen to the aquarists who take care of these amazing creatures. This location is not ADA accessible.

Courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando

Visit Pacific Point Preserve for an inside look at the home of California sea lion and harbor seals. Guests can sit down with the animal care experts who look over these wonderful animals and learn how to care for and maintain a thriving sea lion social group.

Courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Rescue Center is the home base for the SeaWorld Rescue Team. Guests will be able to meet and chat with the filtration experts, animal care personnel, lab technicians, and veterinarians who work nonstop to deliver life-saving care to animals in need.

Feeling hungry? For two weeks only at Sharks Underwater Grill guests can have an exclusive experience where they can enjoy a wonderful meal with an underwater visit from a member of the aquarium team and learn about the world of sharks. Guests can also head over to Dine with Orcas for a memorable experience for the whole family. Dine alongside Orcas, hear from animal care experts, and watch the specialized care Orcas receive daily.

For a limited only, when you buy a 2021 Fun Card, guests will get the rest of 2020 for FREE. Park-goers can also upgrade to an Annual Pass starting at $11.99 per month with no down payment. If you are an Annual Pass Member, you will receive 12 months of visits, with FREE parking, up to 6 free guest tickets, Pass Member VIP Ride Nights, and up to 50% savings on merchandise, photo prints, Quick Queue, plus so much more!

For more information on Inside Looks, safety measures, and tickets, please visit SeaWorld’s official website.

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