Nerds Rewatch Prodigal: What We Noticed in Episode 13 of ‘Prodigal Son’

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In this week’s #NerdsRewatchProdigal, we got to the episode we’d all been waiting for: the introduction of the white suit. Between that amazing costume choice and the attention-getting opening sequence, “Wait and Hope” has a lot to cover. Read on to see what we noticed during our rewatch!

Martin’s Continued Therapy Sessions

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For a sociopathic serial killer, group therapy is one of the few outlets given to Martin Whitley to work out scenarios with his children, most commonly of course, Malcolm. Watching Martin speak with another prisoner, while he portrays Malcolm, is chilling, because Michael Sheen is just so good at being that obsessive overprotective parent, even from a mental institution. We hear in his voice the lengths Martin would go to for his children, which in reality, are not that far off those which Jessica would do herself. However the prime moment in this session was telling his fellow prisoner who is playing Malcolm, “you have to say it, you’re so good at it” egging him to say “I love you” to him as his father is one of many insights to Martin’s manipulations.

Family Moments

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Throughout this episode we got to see a softer side of the Whitleys. First we have some wonderful mother/daughter time with Ainsley helping Jessica find something to wear for the wedding, all while Jessica revels in the invite to the social event of the year after she was exiled from the crowd after Martin’s arrest 20 years ago. “Go with the green, it brings out your eyes,” the daughter urges to her mother. She ends up being right, as per usual, as Jessica is one who steals part of the show with her attire later on. After Malcolm’s monologue however, we see just how proud Jessica is of her son and of what he does with the NYPD. She is accepting of his career choice after all, unashamed to introduce Malcolm as her son to fellow guests at Cal’s wedding. At closing however, we learn that most of the table Jessica was sat with were from the media, almost as if someone got her the invite. Nice job Ainsley, as Malcolm’s main concern was if their mother was happy being back in the social environment, which Ainsley confirmed, she was.

RIP Gil’s Car

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Rest in peace to Gil’s car. Yes, one of the many loves of Gil’s life was his car and sadly, it was destroyed. He picks up Malcolm to take him to the airport but makes a quick stop at a crime scene. What a mistake that was. At the crime scene, Malcolm was trying to escape being blown to bits by a bomb, so he shoots out a second-story window and jumps right onto Gil’s precious baby. Malcolm definitely had the breath knocked out of him but Gil’s car, well it had everything knocked out of it. As it is being towed away, Gil is devastated and can’t even bear to talk about it. As sad as Gil is, it does make for a hilarious scene between the ensemble of characters in this episode. Poor Gil.

The Brightwell Friendship

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Malcolm and Dani’s relationship throughout the first season gradually goes from working relationship to an actual friendship. In this episode, Dani, worried about Malcolm, tries to get him to open up, wondering why he never takes a break for himself. Malcolm admits that he’s afraid of himself, the more relaxed things are out there, the more time he has to think in his mind and when that happens, it’s terrifying. To imagine a theater that only plays horror films about you and to brighten the mood, Dani says that’s a terrible idea for a movie theater. She doesn’t think anyone would go. Also in the episode, they interrogate Martin together and when finding a dress for Cal’s wedding, Malcolm tells Dani she looks amazing, which is the smartest thing he’s said all day. Together, they save George from Isabella at the wedding. At times their relationship is strictly professional but it’s easy to tell that they’re both warming up to each other. They’re not only partners but also friends who will be there for each other, whether it’d be on a case or some small talk in a car.

Everyone’s “Under Pressure”

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Great music cues are my kryptonite, and this episode had an amazing one when it used “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen as the soundtrack to a montage of Malcolm going about his morning routine. As he tries (and fails) to relax, even trying yoga, the song plays, reminding the audience that he couldn’t be farther from zen as he flashes back to his many traumas. But then the true genius moment occurs: after a break of not hearing the song, it returns when Malcolm has to defuse a bomb at a crime scene, reaching a crescendo as it explodes while Malcolm falls onto Gil’s car. It’s perfect timing and a great song for the moment, so shout out to the music supervisors for making it happen.

Malcolm’s White Suit

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We have to give a shout out to whoever had the fantastic idea to put Malcolm in that white suit. The hilarious jabs that the whole team take at him create both a lighthearted bonding moment for the crew before everything goes rapidly downhill with the reveal of the land mine. Between JT’s “What’s up Miami Vice?”, Dani’s “Did you kill James Bond?” and Edrisa’s coke dealer and KFC jokes, it’s a hilarious scene that gave fans one laugh after another. That poor suit never did make it to the island vacation Jessica had in mind for Malcolm, but it did see some pretty exciting action when Malcolm leaps out a window!

Malcolm Danger Count: 5

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Prodigal Son will return in January on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. You can catch up on Hulu and Fox Now, and don’t forget check Twitter next week for another #NerdsRewatchProdigal.

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