‘Dawson’s Creek’ is Officially Headed to Netflix

Image courtesy of The WB/Netflix


If you grew up during the 1990s, we have some exciting news for you: Dawson’s Creek is coming to Netflix!

The streaming service recently announced that this favorite coming-of-age story will finally be available for streaming in the US on November 1. However, there is one caveat: it will not feature the show’s original theme song, “I Don’t Want to Wait” by Paula Cole. This news comes as a disappointment to many fans who loved the iconic tune, but is not terribly surprising as the original song was not included when the show was previously on streaming services or in the show’s DVD release. Netflix has not commented on what song will be used in its place, but Dawson’s Creek fans can look forward to re-watching all their favorite episodes next month no matter what song they choose.

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