Nerds Rewatch: What We Noticed in Episode 10 of ‘Prodigal Son’

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“Silent Night” is one of those Prodigal Son episodes that truly has it all. From terrifying old ladies to more information about the Junkyard Killer to one crazy cliffhanger, this midseason finale packs quite the punch. Read on to see what we noticed during our rewatch this week!

Ainsley’s Foreshadowing

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When the season finale of Prodigal Son aired, everyone was shocked at what Ainsley had done, wondering if there were ever any signs that she would be the one to turn out like her father. In this episode, we do get a bit of foreshadowing of what might come, especially during one scene in particular. When Ainsley gets to Jessica’s place to have a holiday dinner, they get onto the topic of Martin’s interview. Ainsley tells her mother her ambition is the best thing about her. Well, that and her hair. But Jessica doesn’t like that she put Martin on television and let him talk about it. “You’ve gone and soaked yourself in blood.” Ainsley tells Jessica she’s playing the victim again. Jessica is not a victim, but she says there are real ones. However, Ainsley is not going to apologize for what she did. She says she used the media to direct the narrative. She’s telling her story and not letting somebody else do it. That one scene, especially the line, “you’ve gone and soaked yourself in blood,” foreshadows what happens later on in the season, including the season finale shocker. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, those little hints foreshadow something even bigger that could happen.

The World’s Scariest Grandmother

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Prodigal Son is a show known for its scares, but it really raised the bar by introducing the Junkyard Killer’s grandmother. She only appears in a few scenes but is easily the most memorable guest star this season. From her creepy demeanor to her ability to go from sweet to sour on a dime, Matilda Watkins is downright terrifying. Her smile while saying, “John, my dear. You forgot one,” when Shannon is murdered, is spine-tingling. We instantly see that John Watkins was a killer in the making by growing up in that household.

Team’s Loyalty to Malcolm 

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Since Malcolm joined the team, his friendships and work relationships with Dani, JT, Gil, and even Edrisa have grown exponentially. This was clearly evident in episode 10 when the FBI took over the Junkyard Killer case. Colette, who is an FBI agent and has a history with Malcolm, seems to pit the team against Malcolm. Fortunately, the team rallies behind Malcolm. For example, Colette asks Gil if she can borrow one team member to help her in the Junkyard Killer case. She picks Dani, but before Dani says anything, she looks to Gil for approval. It shows how loyal the team is to one another and the amount of respect they each have for the team. Also, when Colette questions Dani about Malcolm, Dani defends his actions. The team has worked together for some time now and have learned how each of them behaves. We can’t wait to see more of these moments in season 2!

Junkyard Killer Reveal

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From the moment Malcolm picked up that call from Paul Lazar, aka John, aka the Junkyard Killer, we knew this would be a multi-episode mystery as the team races to find the serial killer protégé. There are plenty of ominous moments, but one of the best concepts surrounding the Junkyard Killer was the choice to never show his face. Rather than show us the killer, we only get dark distant shots or extreme close-ups as Malcolm talks with him. We essentially join Malcolm as he interacts with John. We see only his mouth and phone as Malcolm hears his voice on the first call. We see shadowy, dark silhouettes as Malcolm confronts him in the junkyard. And even when he has Malcolm pinned in the tunnel, we never see his face clearly. It’s a simple but effective way that the show gives the character an extra layer of mystery and adds urgency to the team’s investigation. When we finally see his face, right before he abducts Malcolm, it’s one of the best villain reveals!

Jessica Drops Bombshell to the Media

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If you’ve followed along with us, you know Prodigal Son is known for its plot twists, and this episode is no different; we finally get confirmation that the girl in the box was real. Jessica discovers a photo of a bracelet worn by the girl on Gil’s desk. Inspired by Ainsley, Jessica decides to take matters into her own hands. Jessica shows the image to the media camped out on her front lawn and offers a 1 million dollar reward for information. This is just one of the many moments we’ve seen this season of how Jessica will do anything for Malcolm and Ainsley.

Malcolm Danger Count: 6

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Prodigal Son is available to watch on Hulu and Fox Now. Be sure to catch us next week for #NerdsRewatchProdigal!

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