So Captivating! — Louden Swain Rocks Out With the Sunday Afternoon Special on StageIt

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Courtesy of Louden Swain's StageIt performance.

Today, after much anticipation and quite a few solo performances by each band member over the course of the summer, Louden Swain took to StageIt together to perform live as a band for the first time since March!

It’s been a very long year for regular concert and convention goers, and we’ve all seriously missed seeing Rob Benedict, Billy Moran, Michael Borja, and Stephen Norton gracing the stage of Creation Entertainment’s Supernatural conventions for weekends on end (and catching the band at their solo shows as well). And yet, even after all this time (but also as expected), Louden Swain picked back up today right where they left off — delivering tunes in their typical energetic, tight, and talented manner.

Masked up (sans Rob), the band performed a set list jam-packed with oldies but goodies, favorites, and even some newer tracks as well.

They opened with two throwback tracks, “Only Lyin” followed by “Better.” Next, they played a newer track, “Comeback Kid,” which led into the fan-favorite acoustic rendition of the beloved “Rock Song” — WHERE ARE ALL MY FRIENDS?! (With a cameo from a rogue car alarm as well, which really added to the ambiance!)

The band paused the show momentarily to make a quick phone call for “troubleshooting” with the guitar tech, Rick, who suspiciously looked and sounded exactly like Richard Speight, Jr. Huh. Crazy, right? They also bestowed Borja with a wonderfully thoughtful late birthday gift, a custom Robot Mike Fender Jazz Bass!

Courtesy of Louden Swain’s StageIt performance.

In celebration of Rich, they played “Trigger Finger” next, followed by a new song that they originally premiered in Chicago earlier this year, “Letter,” and a wink-and-nod performance of “Election Day.”

The rock paper scissors betrayal-inspired “Basement of No Hope” came next, and then the band played a new track together for the very first time (which was written by Rob in lockdown), aptly titled “Apocalyptic.” The band finished up their performance with “Amazing.” And if you didn’t tear up after Rob exclaimed, “I heard you!” when the band paused for the audience to yell, “SO CAPTIVATING!” … well, we know you’re lying.

Though the crowd that gathered to watch the performance was entirely virtual, the StageIt chat served as an extension of the energy we’ve all come to know and love from Louden Swain concerts as everyone sang — er, typed! — along. We may all collectively be thousands of miles apart, but … screamin’ will be heard.

Courtesy of Louden Swain’s StageIt performance.

The top tipper for this performance received a 15-minute video call with the band immediately following the show, and a random winner was also chosen to receive a 10-minute video call. All tippers over 400 Notes will receive a Louden Swain black cotton face mask and a logo sticker, and those that tipped over 200 Notes will receive behind-the-scenes photos of the band!

To get your hands on more Louden Swain merch, check out the band’s webstore for shirts, CDs, vinyl, hats, stickers, kazoos, and more!

With all of this year’s cancellations across the board, we don’t yet know what next year will hold. However, if all goes as currently scheduled and planned, fans can expect to see Louden Swain return to the Salute to Supernatural convention scene with Creation Entertainment in Burlingame, California January 29-31, 2021, with more dates scheduled throughout the course of 2021. Those hoping to catch a solo Louden Swain show can see the band at The Red Room at Cafe 939 in Boston, Massachusetts on March 20, 2021 at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

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