Luis A. Miranda Jr. Documentary ‘Siempre, Luis’ is Coming to HBO

Image courtesy of HBO Max


Following its world premiere at Sundance 2020, Siempre, Luis, will see it’s official premiere to the public on HBO next month while also becoming available to stream on HBO Max.

This documentary follows the journey of Broadway superstar Lin Manuel Miranda’s father, Luis A. Miranda Jr., over a year as Miranda’s devotion to his family and country played out following a significant health scare. It is centering around Luis Miranda’s status as a proud Puerto Rican immigrant and political force in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, where he tirelessly organized relief efforts. The story explains how this man could bring his son’s award-winning production of Hamilton to the island. ‌

Watch the trailer in the post above, and tune into HBO on October 6 at 9 p.m.

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