Microsoft Confirms the Debut of Xbox Series S

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Courtesy of Microsoft
Image courtesy of Xbox

After months of speculation, Microsoft has debuted their latest console, the Xbox Series S. This has been confirmed to be the smallest Xbox console to date and will be retailing around $299.

Xbox has said it will feature next-generation performance despite its smaller size. The Xbox Series S looks very similar to the Xbox One S, with some minor features to differentiate aside from it being slightly smaller. This will still be classified as an Xbox’s fourth-generation console and will be the sixth one that Microsoft has released since the original Xbox in 2001. The console will feature new games but will only be available digitally as it does not have a disc player. Some other small features Xbox has announced are a faster load time and higher frame rates to make the gaming experience more enjoyable.

Though there are many speculations about other features, it will hold and the release date, Microsoft has yet to confirm anything official. However, it is rumored to be released with the Xbox Series X during the holidays 2020. We look forward to seeing what this new, unexpected console will bring to the world of gaming!

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