An Open Letter To Richard Speight, Jr. on His Birthday

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Courtesy of Co-Director Lindsey DeLuca

Come one, come all. We’re gathered here today to celebrate the birthday of a true household staple around these parts at Nerds and Beyond. He’s a talented actor, a fantastic musician, a passionate director, a true King of Con, and he damn well knows how to grow a beard. He’s also known for playing the sassiest archangel Heaven and Hell have ever seen. If you still haven’t caught on, we’re referring to the one and only Richard Speight, Jr.

On top of all the things listed above, there is one synonymous attribute to Rich that comes to mind — he is an integral pillar of the fandom. Rich’s efforts and dedication to the fandom are woven into every facet of what Supernatural has become, even if he doesn’t take credit for it. He’s directed and starred in episodes spanning 13 years — from season 2, to his final call as director in episode 18 of season 15 — but beyond what he’s done for the show itself, he’s helped create a family. As the co-host of Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural conventions for a decade, he’s graced the stages of shows around the globe, helping to build a world that is unique to this fandom alone — true lightning in a bottle. While the grace and humility he carries so unflinchingly may not be ready for the onslaught of praise that follows, it is your birthday, Rich, and the hype train (toot toot) refuses to leave you at the station. So buckle up and get ready … (speaking of seat belts, he also starred in a film called Driven. Do yourself a favor and watch it, if you haven’t already.)

Anyone’s who’s had the pleasure of sitting down for a conversation with Rich will likely say the same sort of thing: that chatting with Rich isn’t like chatting with a celebrity at an autograph session, it’s like kicking back with an old friend. There’s an instant ease as he navigates a conversation — welcoming you into it as a peer and telling an anecdote complete with reenactments when necessary — that may make you kick yourself for ever being nervous to meet him at one point (we’ve all been there.) Despite being one of the few who spend all three (very long) days on-site during convention weekends, along with hosting from the beginning until the final curtain, his appreciation for the fans never wavers and it’s very clear in every interaction you have with him, whether it be at the start of the day or late on a Sunday night.

Courtesy of Co-director, Lindsey.

We here at Nerds and Beyond certainly aren’t the only ones that immensely appreciate the legend that is Richard Speight, Jr. … there’s an entire passionate fan base full of individuals that are thankful for him as well. So we reached out and asked those people to share with us what their favorite things about Rich are.

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Rich’s humor and wit were two of the most common responses that we received — his comedic timing is unparalleled. He’s a naturally spectacular storyteller, and he has a knack for making people laugh no matter what mood they’re in. However, it’s not all jokes with him, because fans appreciate him for his heart and his compassion, too. Rich makes every fan feel like a person, and he makes everyone feel welcome and included.

Rich is also also just an all-around intelligent, analytical, and down to earth guy. If you’ve ever seen Rich in action or listened to him speak about his work, you’ll know that he has an impressive dedication to his craft. His passion for what he does is inspiring, to say the least.

And Rich, if you were wondering, word on the street is that you clearly have a way with words.

Courtesy of Co-director, Lindsey.

As far as celebrities go, Richard Speight, Jr. is someone that we can confidently say we are immeasurably proud to be fans of. Whether it’s his fans, his friends, or his co-workers talking about him, there’s always a common theme nestled within — the positive impact that he’s left on so many lives, both near and far.

Catch Rich’s final Supernatural directorial bow in season 15, episode 18, “Despair,” which is set to air on November 5. And, as usual, Rich is scheduled to be a regular fixture on the Creation Entertainment Supernatural con circuit in 2021 (check out the convention calendar here.)

So happy birthday, Rich, from Kaity, Lindsey, the Nerds and Beyond family, and the Supernatural fandom. It’s safe to say, unanimously, we have all truly missed you and your on-stage and off-stage antics this year. We look forward to crossing paths again when the world of conventions returns.

(A special thank you to all those who shared their favorite things about Rich with us. Check out the entire thread on Twitter here!)

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