There’s a New Brother at The Precinct in ‘Lucifer’ Season 5, Episode 5 “Detective Amenadiel”

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We start this episode with Lucifer trying to help Chloe deal with the revelation that she’s a gift from God. Chloe just wants time and space away from anything related to God, but with a murder of a nun at a Convent, it won’t be happening for her this episode. Read on to find out what happens in “Detective Amenadiel.”

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Beware, there are spoilers below!

Chloe has agreed to meet Lucifer to talk about how she’s a gift from God. Lucifer has blindfolded Chloe and leads her across the beach. He agrees that there is nothing he can say that will make a difference. When he removes the blindfold Chloe sees a present and tells him that a gift won’t fix it, and he agrees. Lucifer douses the present with gasoline and tells her that this is the spot where he burned his wings years ago. As Chloe doesn’t have wings, he thought the present would work. Lucifer hands Chloe the matches which she gives back, because what Chloe needs is time and space. Lucifer is worried because he doesn’t have time as Amenadiel is watching over Hell for him.

Lucifer heads to Linda’s place, at 7 a.m, and Lucifer doesn’t see the problem. Lucifer tells her that Chloe doesn’t want him around as she deals with this new information. Linda tries to interrupt him but Lucifer continues to talk over her. Lucifer turns from Linda and sees Amenadiel holding Charlie and gets mad at Linda for not telling him Amenadiel was back. Linda takes Charlie so they can talk and Amenadiel tells Lucifer that God spoke to him. God told him that “Hell no longer requires a warden,” so Amenadiel returned to earth. Lucifer then tells Amenadiel that Chloe knows she is a gift from God, but she doesn’t know what Amenadiel did.

Maze shows up at Linda’s office. She found her mother and she does have abandonment issues. Linda tries to explain that from a mother’s perspective, maybe she was too young or was terrified. Maze tells her Lilith was 12,000 years old and nothing scared her. Linda tries saying she must feel terrible but Maze tells her Lilith was happy about it. Maze can’t understand why Linda is defending Lilith. Linda tells her that she understands. Before Charlie, she had a daughter when she was young. Maze realizes that Linda abandoned her baby and leaves the office.

Chloe is at her desk and Amenadiel shows up to check on her. She panics, thinking that Lucifer has gone back to Hell, but he reassures her that Lucifer is still here and everything in Hell is fine. She tells Amenadiel that at least she has work to help her maintain a sense of control in her life. Amenadiel offers her his help but is interrupted by an officer telling Chloe that a body has been found. Chloe agrees to take the case.

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The crime scene is at the Sisters of the Divine Path convent, which annoys Chloe. Ella pauses photographing the body to pray for the victim, Sister Victoria. The woman was killed by a blow to the head and has marks on her neck from her necklace being yanked from behind. The bruising on her neck doesn’t match the cross. Something else was on her and was stolen. Chloe starts to question the nuns when Ella jumps in to stop Chloe from embarrassing her. When the nun tells Chloe that she’s grateful God sent her to help, Chloe gets defensive with them and Ella drags her away. Chloe calls Amenadiel to come and help and he arrives before she’s managed to ask him how long it will take to get there.

Lucifer approaches Dan at his desk. Chloe doesn’t want his help, but he wants to speed the case along anyway. Dan tells him that he’s already doing the work for Chloe’s case and Lucifer is surprised that’s what Dan does all day. Dan tells him that the police support each other and that real police work looks boring. Lucifer helps anyway.

Amenadiel says the convent reminds him of The Silver City — it feels full of love for his Father. Chloe wants to know if he can get the nuns to talk to him like Lucifer can. He tells her no but then the nuns start to gather around him in a circle, staring at him in rapture.

Maze has returned to Linda, who tells her a secret. She was pregnant at 17 and in denial, but when she held her daughter for the first time, it was real. After her daughter was taken away it seemed like a dream. Linda realized she wasn’t strong enough to raise her or give her away. So when she was alone she ran, and that’s why she thinks she’s going to Hell. Linda wanted to pretend it never happened but thinks about her daughter every day and tried to find her a few times. Maze tells Linda that her daughter seems good, much to Linda’s shock.

Amenadiel and Chloe are trying to interview the nuns and Chloe realizes that she needs to leave Amenadiel alone to ask them questions. Once Chloe is gone Amenadiel get answers out of the nuns, including the fact that the Mother Superior is a murderer and most of the nuns know. Amenadiel doesn’t know why they are all reacting like they are to him. The Mother Superior surrenders herself to be arrested.

Dan is at his desk with Lucifer, who complains over the amount of files for one convent. Dan tells him all the files are just for one person. Lucifer thinks it’ll be quicker to go there and seduce everyone, but Dan doesn’t think so and thinks it’s more fun to do the work. Lucifer still wants to go, but Dan tells him, “shortcuts are not the answer Lucifer. Hard work pays off.” When he sees Chloe has a suspect he heads over but runs into Amenadiel first. Lucifer wants to know why he’s there and thinks Amenadiel is joking at first when he’s told Chloe asked for his help. Amenadiel tells him he now knows why he likes working with Chloe and leaves Lucifer to enter the interrogation room.

In the interrogation room, the Mother Superior tells Chloe and Amenadiel that she grew up in the worst neighborhood in Puerto Rico and at 16 she killed a man in self defense. She fled to escape charges and finally found peace in the arms of God as a nun. Chloe asks if she killed Sister Victoria because she found out the truth and was going to report her. Mother Superior tells them that Sister Victoria was understanding like all the other nuns that she has told and that she couldn’t have murdered Sister Victoria. Chloe tells her that her alibi won’t work because the rest of the nuns at the convent have lied for her. Chloe is annoyed by her willingness to follow God’s plan for her, but Mother Superior tells her that she has faith in Chloe’s ability to find the murderer.

Dan notices that Lucifer has spiked his coffee, which he did to help with the boredom of the work. Dan explains to him the importance of checking phone records and Lucifer recognizes one of the numbers as pop star Destiny Page and is cut off before he can explain how he got it. Dan goes to tell Chloe about this development, telling Lucifer he did a good job, much to Lucifer’s annoyance.

Chloe questions the Mother Superior about Destiny Page and finds out that the pop star tried to buy the convent and was upset when she was turned down. When Chloe and Amenadiel step away, Amenadiel admits he is a big fan of Destiny, which he asks Chloe not to tell his brother about. Chloe thinks they should go and talk to her.

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Maze has taken Linda to meet her daughter, Adriana, who looks like Linda. Linda lies and says they are there to look at the house and redirects Maze’s comments every time she tries to tell the truth. When Maze brings up adoption, Adriana says that being adopted was the best thing that happened to her and Linda drags Maze away to stop her. She tells Maze to stop working out her issues and torturing Linda as well because she won’t tell Adriana the truth. It has to be her daughter’s choice to find her. Maze says Linda is a coward, but Linda tells her she isn’t Lilith and she should go say what she means to her own mother.

Lucifer is smug because Amenadiel had the wrong suspect, and even when he’s gotten it wrong, he’s never arrested a nun. Chloe hears Lucifer telling Amenadiel that he feels guilt because he’s the one who preformed the miracle on her mother and drags them into the interrogation room. They explain that God commanded Amenadiel to preform a blessing on Chloe’s mother which led to her pregnancy. Chloe asks if that means Amenadiel is her father, which amuses both brothers before they tell her no, her parents are her parents. She questions if she has any abilities other than immunity to Lucifer’s “mojo” and is mad she doesn’t. Lucifer tells her he was upset when he first found out about it but came to see it as a gift and hopes she does, too. But it’s different, because she is the gift for Lucifer, created for him. She leaves to go work the case.

Chloe heads to talk to Destiny Page and is stopped by security who won’t let her in without a warrant. Destiny is in her dressing room kneeling when Amenadiel appears. He expects his new ability to work on her, as she’s a religious person. Instead she screams for Hank, the security guard that stopped Chloe. The guard grabs hold of Amenadiel but Chloe stops him, claiming he’s with her and wants to know why he’s there. Amenadiel thought she would talk to him but realizes that she lied about being religious. When Destiny finds out Victoria was murdered, she tells them that she was her assistant and that Destiny sent her there to get information. When Chloe asks her for an alibi, Destiny says she got a one month sobriety chip at her AA meeting but lost it at goat yoga, and she attended both in disguise.

Dan is busy searching through the goat excrement for the chip Destiny claims to have lost while Lucifer moans about deserving such a tedious job as he stands while Dan works. Dan tells him if he wants it to go quicker, he should help. Lucifer agrees and walks away.

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Maze has returned to Reno to see her mother but finds people moving things out of her place. She finds out Lilith died a few days ago and asks for a few minutes by herself. Maze walks around the apartment exploring her mothers things before she loses her temper and throws a framed poster against the wall.

Back at goat yoga, Lucifer is chatting to a woman when Dan comes over, annoyed that Lucifer has been spending his time talking. But Lucifer tells him that he was working and he found Amberly, who saw a woman that attended the class matching Destiny’s disguise and Dan is shocked that Lucifer read the transcripts. Dan has also found the chip that Destiny lost but is distracted staring at an engagement ring Amberly is wearing around her neck.

Chloe and Amenadiel are at her desk while he watches her work, impressed. He wishes he had questioned more when he was God’s right hand, because then he would have answer for her now. Dan and Lucifer burst in telling them that they know who the killer is and they call themselves “bracelet bros.” They explain it was the fiancé, who has an engagement ring that will match the marks on the victim’s neck. Chloe points out that’s good work, but they don’t what gender the fiancé is or even if they exist. They’re interrupted by the arrival of one of the nuns, Sister Francine, who wants to talk to Amenadiel in private. He takes her to the interrogation room and points out she’s nervous. She tells him she’s never done this before and Amenadiel tells her she should because it will feel amazing. Amenadiel tells her she’s a woman of faith and to just do it, so she kisses him.

In the interrogation observation room, Chloe is shocked and Dan goes to break up what’s happening, but Lucifer stops him. Lucifer reminds Dan that he has to put in the work as there are no shortcuts, so they stay where they are and continue watching.

Amenadiel stops Sister Francine and asks why she did that. The nun is horrified but when she looks at Amenadiel, she gets a feeling that she’s never had before. When he asks her what she feels, she tells him it feels like she’s closer to God. Amenadiel realizes that he is reflecting her love for God back at her. He asks if she knows about a boyfriend, fiancé or visitors for the murderer victim. She doesn’t, but she tells him that Sister Victoria found a secret room where she liked to be alone. Chloe, Dan, and Lucifer realize that a secret room would be a perfect place to meet a secret fiancé. They just need to find it.

Chloe heads back to her desk and Lucifer follows to check on her. Chloe lets him know that she won’t solve anything just because the case is solved, but she wants to be with him. Lucifer lets her know that he understands she just needs to work through it, because he now knows there are no shortcuts.

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Chloe and Amenadiel find the secret room. They head to the cellar to find evidence of the fiancé but are interrupted by Hank, who has a gun. He was engaged to Victoria and didn’t mean to kill her. They fought because he wanted the ring back after she chose something “fake” over their relationship. Amenadiel steps in front of Chloe, telling Hank that’s enough and is shot twice. Chloe pulls her gun and Hank checks his own gun in confusion when Amenadiel is fine, shooting him three more times. Amenadiel asks him what if religion was real before unfurling his wings, which he uses to blast Hank away. Hank is led upstairs in handcuffs and panics at the sight of Amenadiel. Chloe questions him showing his wings, as they aren’t meant to do that. Amenadiel admits he felt it was right after what Hank had done, because knowing is a punishment. Amenadiel explains that the nuns felt their faith reflected back at them through him like Lucifer reflects peoples desires back at them. Except with Chloe, who is the only human that sees Lucifer for who he is, which he believes is the real gift. Chloe still worries because she’s the one that makes Lucifer vulnerable, but Amenadiel has something to tell her about that.

At Linda’s, Maze gives her a form so when her daughter is ready, she can find Linda. Maze is upset and she tells Linda she never got a chance to say anything more to her mother because she died before she got the chance. Linda holds Maze while she breaks down.

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Lucifer is playing the piano at his penthouse when Chloe enters. To his surprise, she joins him. She tells him she talked to Amenadiel and he thinks Lucifer makes himself vulnerable around Chloe. Lucifer is shocked when he realizes that his brother is right. Chloe tells him that “if you choose to be vulnerable around me, then I choose to be vulnerable around you.” Chloe leans in to kiss him and Lucifer meets her halfway for a gentle kiss. Lucifer pulls back to check that she is okay, and when he sees she’s fine, he leans back in to kiss her more passionately and Chloe matches.

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