The Top Five Most Heartbreaking Deckerstar Moments in ‘Lucifer’


Lucifer, the little show that could. Did we ever think we’d be here? The first half of season 5 just released on Netflix, a second half to be released at a later date, and we already know it’s been picked up for season 6. I know I had my doubts when FOX cancelled it after season 3, but thankfully Netflix was there to give our favorite Devil a new home. Now onto the reason we’re all here: Deckerstar, the romance between our favorite Devil and detective duo, and how the show likes to use it to build up our hopes before ripping our hearts out. Below are the top five most heartbreaking moments from seasons 1-4 (we’re spoiler free here) between Lucifer and Chloe, so grab your tissues and let the pain begin!

1. “Candy Morningstar” – (Season 2, Episode 14)

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Lucifer shows up at the precinct after a two week absence where Chloe has been worried about him. Before she can get any answers from him about why he disappeared, they’re interrupted by Candy, Lucifer’s new wife. Chloe’s concern quickly gives way to anger as she realizes that Lucifer has been in Las Vegas all the time she thought he was missing and has married an exotic dancer.

2. “Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better” – (Season 3, Episode 21)

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Lucifer is drowning his sorrows at his penthouse when Linda turns up, because her friendship with Lucifer is the most important thing. Lucifer admits that instead of trying to get rid of Cain he should have just confessed his feelings to Chloe. Linda forces Lucifer to realizes all the reasons he has for not saying anything are just excuses, and she asks him what he truly desires. Lucifer admits that he wants Chloe to chose him and with some encouragement from Linda, he leaves to tell Chloe. At Chloe’s place, Cain turns up because she missed dinner and after he enters, he proposes to her. When the camera pans out we see Lucifer watching through the windows as Chloe says yes.

3. “A Good Day to Die” – (Season 2, Episode 13)

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Chloe is on the way to Lucifer’s penthouse, leaving him another voicemail message after he hasn’t been answering her calls. She tries to joke but is obviously worried about him. When she gets to the penthouse everything is dark, and after no response to Chloe calling for him she flips the lights on. With the lights on Chloe sees all of the furniture covered up and no sign of Lucifer.

4. “O, Ye of Little Faith, Father” – (Season 4, Episode 3)

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Lucifer is sitting in his penthouse with a drink when Chloe turns up to tell him that she’s arrested Father Kinley and he doesn’t need to worry about him coming after Lucifer again. Lucifer doesn’t care about what Kinley was doing, only that Chloe was trying to hurt him. Chloe explains that she ended up in Rome when trying to deal with the shock of his “Devil face.” Father Kinley found her there and Chloe confided in him about Lucifer’s true nature. Chloe admits that she lied to Lucifer and that she was initially helping Father Kinley try to send Lucifer back to Hell, because she’s terrified as every story ever written says Lucifer is the root of all evil. But when Chloe came back and saw Lucifer again, she realized that wasn’t who he was and she thinks he can change. Lucifer shows her his “Devil face” to find out if she could accept him like that, but despite how much Chloe is trying, she doesn’t know if she can accept him like that. Lucifer walks away from Chloe who leaves the penthouse in tears.

5.”Who’s da New King of Hell” – (Season 4, Episode 10)

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Chloe approaches Lucifer on the balcony of his penthouse, reminding him that baby Charlie is safe with his parents and the threat is over. But Lucifer knows that despite their victory the demons will keep coming and try to take Charlie again, or maybe Chloe. The only way to protect everyone is for Lucifer to return to Hell permanently and become the King of Hell again. Chloe tells him he can’t leave her, apologizes for how she first acted when she saw who he really was, and begs him not to go because she loves him. Lucifer tells her she’s his first love and kisses her before saying goodbye. Lucifer steps away and unfurls his angel wings in front of Chloe for the first time. He takes flight, leaving Chloe alone on his balcony in tears while he returns to his throne in Hell.

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