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‘Malina’s Jam’ Will Delight Young Readers with Stunning Art and Sweet Story this Fall

BOOKS'Malina's Jam' Will Delight Young Readers with Stunning Art and Sweet Story...

The latest addition to Disney’s artist showcase series is the adorably engaging tale of a generous little hedgehog named Malina in Malina’s Jam.

Malina’s Jam will engage the youngest of readers with its delightfully sweet story and beautiful illustrations. Malina is a shy hedgehog who loves sipping her tea, reading a good book, and tending to her raspberry plants. As winter approaches, she tends her garden and makes her delicious raspberry jam each day, taking them home to store. When she passes her woodland friends, she discovers they want to try her jam. Malina happily gifts a jar or two or three, until she’s accidentally given away every jar and kept none for the winter to come! What will she do?

Image Courtesy Disney Press.

Her lovely woodlands friends want to return her generosity, and each shows up with some delicious gifts of their own. Malina’s friends even help her prepare her garden for spring. By the end of the book, Malina and her friends are lounging in the sun the following summer, her belly full of jam and her heart full of love for her new friends.

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Malina’s Jam is a heartwarming story that teaches children that it’s ok to be a little shy (Malina is!), reading is fun (Malina reads to her plants, her jam, and her friends!), and encourages kindness to everyone.

The fun doesn’t end there, though. The back of the book even has Malina’s raspberry jam recipes in hedgehog size or bear (aka human) size for families to cook and eat together. I made the jam per Malina’s recipe and can confidently say it is absolutely delicious! It’s a delightful little addition that makes the book even more enjoyable. Cook up some jam, cuddle on the couch, and read Malina’s Jam to your little ones while snacking on your very own creation!

The book is the latest addition to the Walt Disney Animation Studios Artist Showcase series that turns the spotlight to the artists behind the scenes. Malina’s Jam is written and illustrated by Svetla Radivoeva, a character animator who has worked on films such as FrozenMoana, and Zootopia. 

Malina’s Jam is for readers 3-5 years old and will be available in stores on September 7, or you can preorder online now!

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