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Interview: Jack Quaid and Erin Moriarty Talk With Us About ‘The Boys’ Season 2 [SDCC EXCLUSIVE]

INTERVIEWSInterview: Jack Quaid and Erin Moriarty Talk With Us About ‘The Boys’...

With the imminent approach of The Boys Season Two approaching faster than a speeding A-Train, we had the chance to have a chat with Jack Quaid (Hughie) and Erin Moriarty (Starlight) about whether Hughie’s sanity will survive season two and what tactics Starlight might use to take down Vought. Read the interview below and listen to the audio here!

There may be spoilers for season 2, so here’s your warning!

Nerds and Beyond: Hi, this is Brittany with Nerds and Beyond! So, Hughie is really reaching a breaking point already this season, just three episodes in. Everything he does ends in disaster. Meanwhile, Starlight kind of always seems to land on her feet, even when she’s faced with something she manages to survive it, so far. So I was just wondering, will Hughie survive with his sanity intact? Will he survive at all? What will Starlight do if she’s finally forced to openly make a public stand against Vought and The Seven?

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Jack Quaid: Well with Hughie, will he survive with his sanity intact? That’s the ever lingering question right? I feel like Eric Kripke is basically just trolling me at this point. Um, he will do anything to traumatize this poor kid.

That’s something that I really found interesting about Hughie this season. Especially in the beginning, he’s starting from such a low place. He has less than he did at the beginning of season one. All of his friends are thinking about leaving him and abandoning the cause. Butcher comes back and he knows it’s bad news because now he knows. He sees through the veil that he’s always projecting to people and he knows that he’ll betray his teammates in a heartbeat. So he really has nothing and he’s attempting to just kind of climb up and get out of it. You know, I often think that season one, Hughie is about anxiety and season two, he is about depression. He is really going through it at the start of this, for sure.

Erin Moriarty: Look, I will say that, when we’ve seen characters on The Boys try and take down Vought publicly, or even Starlight in season one, when she calls out The Deep, it ends up working in their (Vought’s) favor. And then with Stormfront in season two in the beginning, we see that she’s got this rebellious nature about herself that’s kind of anti-pop, but they still hire her. And they kind of like it because it’s this fresh new energy. So I will say that publicly coming out, making a speech or a public display of going against that, I don’t think is going to be Starlight’s method of trying to take them down. I think it’s going to need to be more covert.

Remember to watch The Boys season two starting September 4 on Amazon Prime and stay tuned for interviews with the rest of the cast!

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(Interview has been edited for clarity.)

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