‘Lands of Raynar’ Announced for a 2022 Release!


From the Polish-German Studio DeSand comes an all-new first-person game that combines the elements of RTS and RPG, Lands of Raynar.

Courtesy of DeSand Game Studios.

In Lands of Raynar, you play as Karia, the only inhabitant of the fallen lands, who is accompanied by Ivy, a mystical fawn. You will be put on a quest to figure out the dark past and discover mysterious objects. On your journey, you will also learn of a mythical creature named Morri, who will play a major role in the outcome of the story.

Lands of Raynar features an open world and a new approach to sandbox solutions, including a built-in knowledge system. During gameplay, players will be responsible for finding information themselves regarding the state of the world around them. Players will need to send out scouts or spies to collect important information and build an extensive information network.

Main Game Features

  •  A fascinating story in an open world;
  • A mix of RTS and RPG elements;
  • Mystical creatures;
  • Advanced destruction and physics systems;
  • Rebuilding an ancient civilization;
  • Realistic knowledge system mechanism;
  • Audiovisual setting in Celtic-Slavic climates.

Currently, DeSand is working on a single-player story mode but is looking into multiplayer options.

Lands of Raynar will be published by Game Factory and is set to be released sometime in 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. Be sure to watch the new game trailer below.

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