Recap: Some of the Siblings Reunite in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2, Episode 3: “The Swedish Job”

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Diego was stabbed by his father. Five got neck-punched by a chimp. Klaus is a prophet. Vanya has amnesia. Sir Reginald Hargreeves might have assassinated JFK. What is going ON?

Back to 1960, Ben is outside a restaurant peering in as the Klaus we remember from Season 1 gets thrown out. An elderly woman helps him up, and then we see him performing for her and her friends. He floats, which is just Ben holding him up, until he falls, leading us to 1961 in Baja, Mexico onto an eccentrically decorated van roof, the man from jail in episode 2 with him. We follow Klaus and his journey to 1962 in Varanasi, India, still being celebrated by his loyal … is it wrong to assume it’s a cult? His following has grown significantly by 1963 when he meet him in San Francisco, and he’s very much over it and escapes.

Lila is cauterizing Diego’s dad-inflicted stab wound. Five also some wicked scratches on his neck. Thanks maybe baby Pogo.

Uh oh, Vanya is stopped on her midnight joyride by some familiar faces — The Swedes. She drives poor Sissy’s station wagon straight into a ditch and takes off on foot through a corn field, but they corner her. The White Violin can only be suppressed for so long, however, and when a bullet flies towards her face, she awakens. All three of The Swedes go flying back as she disintegrates the bullet as it’s inches away, and then she takes off.

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Elliott is … back on the team? One of his machines picks up the blast we can assume is from Vanya, and Five takes off. He finds her hidden in the corn, and she doesn’t remember him either. Five … isn’t as tactful as Luther and lays out her options: wait for the IKEA mafia to come back and find her or go with him — she follows him. He tries to explain the time travel and what exactly is going on as they enter a giant flattened patch in the field, a result of her powers.

Luther’s mind has been busy, he convinces his boss to utilize his powerful contacts to track down Allison, seeing Vanya and Five has convinced him maybe she isn’t as far as he thought.

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Speaking of Allison, she’s found Klaus’ lavish mansion, and in turn Klaus floating in his pool. Finally a happy sibling reunion! The two hug, thrilled to see one another. She pokes fun at him for forming a cult, which he rebukes with referring to it as an “alternative spiritual community” … obviously. She shares her current life status, and confesses that she hasn’t used her powers since Vanya slit her throat. In fact, she couldn’t even speak for a year.

Uh oh, The Handler is out and about, her signature white blond hair now brown. She stops in a pet store and honestly, she now might have a vendetta against goldfish … She eyes the treasure chest bubbler in the tank.

It’s time for the sit-in, and Allison’s group wants to postpone until Ray is released. Allison fights it, wanting to move forward, and she wins the vote. But Ray may end up out in time anyway, thanks to Ben and Klaus. Ray is freed thanks to some spooky footwork by Ben, and Klaus drops the bomb that they’re brother-in-laws to a shocked Ray.

We did mention that Five has no tact, right? He proves this yet again as he dryly lays out reality for Vanya at the counter of a diner, bringing her up to speed on her entire life in about 20 seconds. She obviously has questions, and she retells everything she remembers, which is only the past month. He warns her the Apocalypse is in eight days. She makes a call to Sissy, who is very concerned about her and wants her to come back. Five hangs up the phone, there’s no time for games. The Swedes are coming back.

Lila and Diego get personal, she tells him why she followed him and about her parent’s deaths. “Is it okay if I don’t hate you like I hate most people,” and if that’s not love we don’t know what is.

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Clearly The Handler isn’t over Five and his massive betrayal …

Jack gets Allison’s address for Luther, and he heads straight over only to be approached by Ray fresh out of prison. And then Ray drops the bombshell: he’s Allison’s husband. Needless to say Luther is a bit upset by this. Ray is taken aback. This is now the second brother of Allison he’s met today.

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The sit-in has begun, and it’s time for another painful reunion. This time, between Klaus and his true love, David, who’s a bit younger than he was when Klaus met him in Vietnam in season 1. Ben chastises him, this was a bad idea, maybe this is stalking, we don’t know. Ben doesn’t think he can handle this, but Klaus assures him he can; he just wants to convince him not to enlist, not to go to Vietnam. He wants to save his life.

The sit-in is going as expected, the police have been called and Ray arrives. He’s clearly upset with Allison, which is understandable. He tells her about the sudden appearances of her brothers, and while they’re distracted a hot coffee is dropped in Allison’s lap, forcing her, and Ray, up, which leads to their arrests. Allison gets free and Ray is being assaulted by the police and their batons, and Allison uses her powers again for the first time, saving Ray from what was sure to be his death. Ray is frightened by her, knowing that a white cop would never back down from the words of a Black woman. Klaus arrives and takes Allison away as Ray runs from her.

Vanya and Five are at Luther’s fight, and he’s distracted, finally just giving up, he wants to feel the pain. He loses, much to the dismay of Jack Ruby.

Diego seems to be doing the best of them all, still at Elliott’s with Lila. He’s asleep in bed and she takes off to the pet store, finding a key that The Handler planted earlier. Lila arrives at The Handler’s room, and calls her … mom?

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Mom? MOM? Don’t do this to us Lila, we loved you! Again, what is going on? The siblings are a few steps closer to reuniting, but they’re slowly being torn apart as individuals. How will this affect them in the long run? All 10 episodes of The Umbrella Academy are now streaming on Netflix.

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