Daisy Ridley Headlining New Audible Original Drama ‘Islanders’


Fresh off of her tenure as Rey in the final installment of Star Wars’ Skywalker Saga, Ridley has teamed up with Elinor Cook (Killing Eve) for Islanders, a new original drama from Audible.

Islanders will center around a young woman as a contestant on a reality dating show who has struggled with her self-worth her entire life. Having to get creative to remain a contestant, her persona changes from partner to partner until even she doesn’t remember who she truly is. She’ll be forced to confront her lifelong struggles about her identity, except now it’s all on camera.

Thanks to the ability to record audio dramas from home in our current climate, Islanders is set to arrive on Audible beginning September 10, giving listeners a great new program in these times of social distancing.

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