Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Stands Unveils New ‘Super Good’ Campaign With Misha Collins and Michael Sheen

CHARITIESStands Unveils New 'Super Good' Campaign With Misha Collins and Michael Sheen

It’s not every day that fandoms collide, but when they do, the results can be angelic! Supernatural‘s resident angel Misha Collins and Michael Sheen who plays Aziraphale on Good Omens have teamed up to do what angels do best, give back to those who need help. Both actors will also discus their campaign in a livestream on their social media this Thursday at 3 p.m. ET.

The campaign by Stands features two t-shirts, one with angel wings on the back and the text “Be Super Good” on the front. The Halo Society shirt has angel wings on the back and features artwork of the Castiel and Aziraphale illustrated by Scout Villegas on the front. There is also a charm necklace available for purchase with the angels on one side and “Be Super Good” on the other.

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100% of the profits from the campaign will provide relief to the homeless crisis in both the US and Wales. T-shirts will ship the last week of August and necklaces ship within 1-2 days after placing your order.

Shirts are $25.99 USD each. You can find the Halo Society shirt here and the Be Super Good shirt here. Necklaces are $20 USD and can can be purchased here.

If you’re feeling extra giving, Stands has also set up a “Match Made In Heaven” matching program for the campaign. You can request a donation for an item here or add yourself as a donor here. The program helps match donors to those who may want an item, but need assistance in purchasing one.

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