Friday, March 24, 2023

Creation Entertainment Adds Virtual Experiences With Cast of ‘Once Upon A Time’!

CONVENTIONSCreation Entertainment Adds Virtual Experiences With Cast of 'Once Upon A Time'!

You may not be able to take a vacation this year, but thanks to Creation Entertainment, you can spend a week in Storybrooke! The cast of ABC’s long-running series Once Upon A Time (OUAT) has joined forces with Creation to present a week of fairy tale experiences sure to excite any OUAT fan. There are Stageit panels, meet and greets, one-on-one chats, and more available for purchase. The actors who will be involved in this enchanting week from July 30-August 5 are

  • Lana Parrilla (“Evil Queen/Regina Mills/Roni”)
  • Rebecca Mader (“Zelena/Kelly West”)
  • Sean Maguire (“Robin Hood”)
  • Christie Laing (“Marian”)
  • Jared Gilmore (“Henry Mills/Prince Henry”)
  • Karen David (“Princess Jasmine”)
  • Oden Fehr (“Jafar”)
  • Lee Arenberg (“Leroy/Grumpy”)
  • Beverley Elliott (“Granny”)
  • Merrin Dungey (“Ursula”)
  • Victoria Smurfit (“Cruella De Vil”)
  • Michael Raymond-James (“Neal Cassidy/Mysterious Man”)

For the full schedule of events and to find out more about when your favorite stars will appear, head on over to Creation’s website!

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