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We’re So Excited: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Will Relive ‘Saved By The Bell’ In New Rewatch Podcast

CELEBRITIESWe're So Excited: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Will Relive 'Saved By The Bell' In...
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When you think of the 1990s, there’s a few pop culture images that inevitably come to mind. Beverly Hills, 90210, Full House, the Olsen twins, boy bands, pop princesses … the list goes on. But one show that has managed to stick in the minds of fans all these years is Saved by the Bell. The teen sitcom about the adventures of Zack Morris and his friends ran from 1989-1993 with additional spin-off movies and series continuing into the mid-90s. It’s so popular, in fact, that many original cast members are reuniting for a sequel series set to debut on Peacock later this year.

But star Mark-Paul Gosselaar has never rewatched the original show and has said he barely remembers making it. Enter Zack to the Future, a new podcast from Saved by the Bell superfan and writer on the revival series Dashiell Driscoll. The podcast will feature Driscoll and Gosselaar discussing each episode of the first season of the show, with potential future seasons covering later episodes. In a statement to Variety, Gosselaar said:

For years I have been asked by the dedicated fans of ‘Saved by the Bell’ to revisit the show. I couldn’t wrap my head around an idea that would keep the audience entertained and celebrate the beloved series we created over 30 years ago, mostly because I can’t remember a thing about making it, and I am thrilled to say I have found the answer.

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Driscoll added, “I’ve been told there are other TV shows besides Saved by the Bell, and someday I hope to watch one of them — they sound fantastic. But until then, I’m so excited to return to Bayside and introduce Mark-Paul Gosselaar to Zack Morris, and to do so with Cadence13.”

Zack to the Future will premiere July 29, joining a list of other recent rewatch podcasts like Fake Doctors, Real Friends and Office Ladies.

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