Spending Father Daughter Time in the Past in ‘Cursed’ Episode 6: “Festa and Moreii’

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The last episode left us with a shocking revelation of who Nimue’s father really is. With getting ready to go to Merlin, she has a lot more than just the Sword of Power on her mind. Seeing her get ready to leave, Arthur and Gawain argue over which of them should be her escort. It seems they forget that she is called the Wolf-Blood Witch and wields the sword. Having enough of the testosterone, Nimue turns and asks Kaze if she wants to accompany her on her journey to Merlin. With that, Kaze, Nimue, and Morgana leave Nemos.

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Arthur sees Mogwan get his food stolen and steps in to get it back for him, after Arthur stands up for him, and Mogwan proclaims, “Hail Arthur.” It gave a little reminder into the future of the story.

A little later, Gawain and the others are gathered and talking about the threat of the Red Paladins, lack of supplies, and that food is running out. When he sees the route that they want to take, Arthur points out that the Red Paladins are using a tactic to flush them out to kill them. Gawain brushes him off and says he can’t listen or ride with men he doesn’t trust. Nonetheless, Arthur rides with them to get supplies to help. I guess we are still on this testosterone-filled macho trip.

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Approaching the castle ruins, Nimue asks what Kaze and Morgana think she should do when she meets Merlin alone. Morgana reminds her that The Hidden will guide her. When in front of Merlin, he comments that she looks a lot like her mother, Lenore. Nimue just wants answers about her parentage, where he was, why did he leave, etc. He tells her they can talk about it later; he wants to take the sword so that she will be safe and gain her trust. Nimue hears whispers and asks who else is there. Merlin tells her the story of Festa and Moreii. With their help, he can show Nimue the past so that she can see with her own eyes the story of him and her mother. It was nice to see Merlin act softly towards Nimue, as a father would act towards a daughter.

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Nimue must sit where Festa and Moreii died and not fight the visions that will come, as Merlin chants and moves the beads on a necklace in his hands. Nimue sees a hurt Merlin on the floor of the House of the Hidden and her mother finding him going to his side to help. There is a hard object inside his shoulder, causing him great pain that looks infected and needs to be removed. He doesn’t want it to be. He just wants to die. While he is passed out, Lenore uses Fey magic and removes a full sword! That’s right, the full Sword of Power from his body. Merlin and Lenore spend more time together and fall in love. They want to be together despite him being seen as traitors to his people and her being promised to another man. The man that Nimue thought was her father. The only time Nimue did not want to see the past, was when she was going to get the live version of her conception. She covered her eyes for that part. Lying in bed together, Lenore gives Merlin a small purple flower as a token, the same flower we saw him looking at when he was getting ready to leave to meet Nimue. Later in the vision, Merlin discovers that his powers no longer work without the sword in him. He blames it on Lenore, and the pair argue. He wants her to give him the sword back. She says that she destroyed it.

When they come back from the vision, Nimue cracks a little joke about not having food when you meet your daughter, which cuts some of the two’s discomfort. At a dead apple tree, he teaches Nimue to channel her power after learning anger is what triggers it. You can see that she is slowly letting her guard down around him as she tries and succeeds in getting the tree to grow, thinking about someone she loves. Hmmm, was she thinking of her mother or Arthur?

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Later in the evening, when Merlin is sleeping, Nimue asks the beads and Festa and Moreii to show her what Merlin doesn’t want her to see. She sees Merlin slaughtering men, women, and children at a temple using the Sword of Power, looking deranged. She confronts him about this when he wakes up to the sword being pointed at him. He tells her that the sword changes the person using it, he reveals that he wants the sword to destroy it with Fey fire. You can see the look on her face that Nimue is actually considering giving it to him to be destroyed. But before she can decide, Morgana runs in and tells her that Pendragon soldiers are on their way. Nimue gets mad and accuses him of setting her up and leaves, ignoring his pleas that he didn’t. He watches her ride off and then confronts the King’s men that they cost King Uther the sword.

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The episode ends with The Weeping Monk shooting an arrow, killing Mogwan, and then attacking Arthur. As Gawain and the group get closer to the windmill, arrows start flying overhead, killing some of the Fawn and forcing them all to run inside the windmill.

Cursed is available now on Netflix.

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