Tuesday, September 27, 2022

‘Mythic Odysseys of Theros’ Now Available

GAMES'Mythic Odysseys of Theros' Now Available

Do you play Magic: The Gathering? Have you ever wanted to explore the wonderful world of Theros? The official guide for exploration through Dungeons & Dragons is available today!

Wizards of the Coast has combined Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) into a new sourcebook for D&D 5th edition — Mythic Odysseys of Theros. In the book, you will find a slew of new resources to bring into your games, such as the Bard’s College of Eloquence and the Paladin’s Oath of Heroism, as well as the options to play as a Leonin or Satyr. Wield godly weapons, receive supernatural gifts from the gods and encounter mythical monsters only found in legends. The book supplies the Dungeon Master with all the tools necessary to send their players on a legendary odyssey and also contains a pre-written adventure for four to six 1st-level characters that you can then build upon to create whatever adventure you want.

Mythic Odysseys of Theros is available in hardcover now, with two different cover arts. The version with the alternative cover art by Kevin Tong will be available exclusively through game stores. You can also find digital versions of the sourcebook on D&DBeyond, Fantasy Grounds, and Roll20. For more information about Mythic Odysseys of Theros, you can visit the official Dungeons & Dragons website.

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