Watch Your Six in This New Trailer for ‘Hard Kill’ Starring Bruce Willis and Jesse Metcalfe

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What do you think when you see a movie title with the word “Hard” in it, and Bruce Willis and Jesse Metcalfe are on the poster? Sorry, John McClane is not training Metcalfe for the next Die Hard movie. It is actually for the action thriller movie Hard Kill.

It follows the billionaire CEO Donovan Chalmers (Willis), who hires former soldier Derrick (Metcalfe) and his team of mercenaries to help get back a stolen piece of technology. The person they are going after is part of a terrorist group. His code name is “The Pardoner,” who also has a history with Derrick. Things don’t always go as planned. It turns out the terrorist group holds the leverage: Chalmers’s daughter. You better watch your six.

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Hard Kill stars Bruce Willis, Jesse Metcalfe, Natalie Eva Marie, Tyler Jon Olson, Texas Battle, Leslee Emmett, and Swen Temmel. Joe Russo and Chris LaMont wrote the screenplay, the story is by Clayton Haugen and Nikolai From, and Matt Eskandari directs it.

You can catch the action of Hard Kill when it comes to On Demand and Digital August 28. Check the trailer out below!

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