‘Moonlighting’ is Finally Heading To Streaming!

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It’s been announced that Moonlighting, the Emmy-winning detective show that introduced the world to Bruce Willis, is finally headed towards streaming.

The dramedy ran from 1985 to 1989, and starred Wills as smart-aleck private investigator David Addison alongside Cybill Shepherd as model-turned-detective-agency-owner Maddie Hayes. Noted for taking a cinematic approach to television, Moonlighting was not afraid to try things you wouldn’t normally see on TV. From a black-and-white noir-style episode, to a Shakespeare themed episode written entirely in iambic pentameter, to a nearly ten-minute musical dream sequence directed by Stanly Donen (Singing in the Rain) and set to Billy Joel, this show tried it all.

Not only could you count on Moonlighting to test the boundaries of what could be done on television, but it set the bar for what a will-they-won’t-they plotline could be. In fact, if you’ve ever watched a show and thought that it lost momentum after the will-they-won’t-they pair got together, you’ve experienced what is known as the “Moonlighting curse,” due to the fact so many people felt that the show actually suffered after David and Maddie got together.

While it might seem like a show that did introduce such a major star, won awards, and was quite influential should have already been available for streaming, However, Moonlighting was also one of the first shows to use pop music in its soundtrack — leading to issues with music licensing. While ABC and its parent company, Disney, have maintained the rights to the show itself, it was not until recently that they actually made an effort to go back through the show and make deals for all the music.

It is possible that the the decision to finally make Moonlighting available on streaming was helped along by Willis’ recent retirement. The show showcases a side of the actor that modern audience might not be familiar with. He has a full head of hair, but he is also much less action and much more humor/song-and-dance than one might expect. Add this to his wonderful onscreen chemistry with Shepherd, and Moonlighting is truly a can’t-miss for any Bruce Willis fan.

Even if you’re not a diehard Willis fan, the show’s quick wit and snappy writing will draw you in, while the characters — from David and Maddie to Miss DePesto (Allyce Beasley) and Herbert Viola (Curtis Armstrong) — keep you watching to see what they are going to do next. Plus, the popularity of the show brought in celebrity guest stars, like Mark Harmon, Whoopi Goldberg, Demi Moore, and more!

We don’t know yet exactly when or where the show is headed, but the process of getting everything in place for the show is underway. So, make sure to check back for more information about when and where you’ll be able to stream Moonlighting in the coming months.

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