Watch Jane Levy From ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ on SAG-AFTRA’s Conversations at Home

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If you are looking for things to watch during quarantine, may I suggest watching some of the great interviews from Conversations at Home. If you are a fan of the series Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, tune into moderator Mara Webster’s interview with Jane Levy, who plays Zoey.

During the conversation, they talk about the choreography, dancing and singing required, how the role was rewarding and pushed her out of her comfort zone, her love of the cast, the premise of the series, and more. When asked about the emotional delivery of the performance required in the music scenes, Levy replied:

“I spent a lot of time thinking about the musical element, and in my crafting of Zoey, I felt like there was a real connection between her getting this gift and her finding out that her father was dying. I think there those things are connected, and it wasn’t just by chance that she got this gift just as she began grieving the coming loss of her father … Music was coming from inside of Zoey because it was her “superpower.” So, I always tried to make it physical because we are seeing the musical moments from Zoey’s eyes. I wanted there to be a real specificity in that expression … with the music is blasting, and it is sung by my colleagues, and it affects you in a way that you can’t explain, and I think the viewers feel that way as well.”

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Fund is raising money to aid SAG-AFTRA members in dire financial need during the pandemic.

You can watch the full Conversations at Home with Jane Levy below!

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