11 ‘Supernatural’ Actors You Forgot Guest-Starred on ‘Bones’

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On the surface, Supernatural and Bones have almost nothing in common. While both television programs debuted the same year in 2005, one is about the impossible things that go bump in the night and the other is about the cold hard facts of science. However, one thing that overlaps on these two fantastic shows is the cast.

Both Supernatural and Bones have had extensive runs, allowing a myriad of guest stars to pass through as both staples of the show and on their way to bigger roles. Multiple CW stars such as Danielle Panabaker (The Flash), Rick Gonzalez (Arrow), Chelsea Tavares (All American), and China Anne McClain (Black Lightning) appeared on Bones before being cast on their more recent and prominent roles. Other notable stars such as Michael B. Jordan, Tina Majorino (Napoleon Dynamite), Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres (Firefly), Kim Raver (Grey’s Anatomy), and Cyndi Lauper have also made appearances on the medical-crime drama.

Supernatural has had its fair share of notable guest stars as well with appearances by actors such as Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us), Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton), Lauren Cohen (The Walking Dead), Paris Hilton, and even Jersey Shore star Snooki. With all these stars on the roster, it’s easier to ask who hasn’t been on one of these two shows, but let’s take a look at some of the fan favorites that graced us with their presence on both.

1. Travis Wester (Harry, Ghostfacers) – 5×13 “The Dentist in the Ditch”

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Wester plays Jasper Alman, a Civil War re-enactor who finds the body of a dentist on a Civil War battleground. While Wester’s part in this episode is small, it’s nice to see that the man can sniff out ghosts in any television scape.

2. A.J. Buckley (Ed, Ghostfacers) – 2×20 “The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House”

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The other half of the dynamic Ghostfacers duo makes an appearance as well, albeit seasons and seasons away from his partner in crime. Portraying Dan Victor, restaurant partner and husband of the victim of the episode, Carly Victor, Buckley gives a great performance as a grief-stricken husband turned suspect while Brennan and Booth try and catch the person who killed Carly, a long-time friend of Dr. B’s. While Seeley Booth and Dan Victor may have butted heads, A.J. Buckley and David Boreanaz have gone on to work well together on the phenomenal CBS production SEAL Team.

3. Rachel Miner (Meg Masters) – 1×08 “The Girl in the Fridge”

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Sticking to the bad-guy trope, Miner portrays Mary Costello in this early episode of Bones, a woman who, along with her husband, was discovered to have kidnapped, drugged, and ransomed the victim of the episode, Rachel Shilling, for $1 million. Miner’s chilling performance as the dark, snarky character with her unrepentant attitude set her up perfectly to become Team Free Will’s favorite female demonic ally/nuisance.

4. Amy Gumenick (Young Mary Winchester) – 5×04 “The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”

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In this episode, Gumenick plays Paige Sayles, a member of the community involved in a luau barbecue gone wrong. Booth and Brennan must parse out the killer of the victim who was found in the barbecue pit by sorting out a tangle of scandalous inter-community relationships, making everyone who lives there and attended the luau a suspect, including teenage Paige. Gumenick’s performance here is quite different than her one on Supernatural, playing a “girl next door” type in comparison to the badass Mary Winchester (then Campbell), but it only endears us to her more.

5. Steven Williams (Rufus Turner) – 10×11 “The Psychic in the Soup”

Courtesy of FOX

It looks life Rufus did have to be nice outside of 1985 in another life (poor thing). Moonlighting as Pastor Desmond Simmons, the father of the episode’s victim, Williams adopts a much milder manner than the crotchety old hunter we know and love so much on Supernatural. His calm and cogent portrayal of Pastor Simmons showcased a different side of his talents than previously seen. I guess it doesn’t take so much snark when you’re not busy ganking monsters and shooting back Johnny Walker Blue.

6. James Patrick Stuart (Dick Roman) – 8×05 “The Method in the Madness”

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James Patrick Stuart went from portraying “Big Daddy Chomper” (Dean and his nicknames, am I right?) Dick Roman to Dr. Cole Reese, whose lies about his illicit activities nearly landed him in jail as the suspected killer of an eviscerated artisan applesauce maker (try saying that five times fast). Besides impeding a federal investigation, Reese didn’t technically do anything wrong besides having some outlandish fantasies, yet I felt obligated to hate his character on principal (once a leviathan, always a leviathan).

7. Curtis Armstrong (Metatron) – 8×20 “The Blood from the Stones”

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In this episode, the murder victim of the week turns up with a balloon full of diamonds in their body cavity, leading Booth and Brennan to speak to Oscar Schultz, a shifty diamond merchant. Curtis’ performance as the timid jeweler involved in a sting operation is a far cry from the manipulative angel Metatron (*puke*) and showcases his diverse range that has been demonstrated throughout his extensive career. Though Armstrong has played many a character on a slew of television programs, I find it hard not to hold on to resentment for my absolute least favorite character in the entirety of Supernatural history (seriously, I hate Metatron).

8. Nathaniel Buzolic (David Lassiter) – 10×12 “The Teacher in the Books”

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Better known for playing Kol Mikaelson on The Vampire Diaries as well as its successful spinoff The Originals, Buzolic had a short stint on Supernatural‘s “Bloodlines,” what was to be a backdoor pilot for a potential spinoff that was never developed. Taking a break from portraying supernatural creatures like shapeshifters and vampires, in this episode of Bones, Buzolic simply plays Hunter Ellis, a musician and the boyfriend of the murder victim. His lies paint him as a suspect in the investigation, but he eventually helps Booth, Brennan, and Aubrey bring the true killer to justice.

9. Kurt Fuller (Zachariah) – 10×16 “The Big Beef at the Royal Diner”

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In this episode, instead of playing a smarmy angel, Fuller plays Sid Lauren, the smarmy producer (hey, at least he isn’t a murder victim this time) of Chili Rueben, a popular food TV host that turned up dead and subsequently endangers the gang’s favorite eatery, the Royal Diner. Exhibiting some very Zachariah-like characteristics, Sid Lauren is less than truthful with Booth, Brennan, and Aubrey, which almost lands him in jail. Despite his untruthfulness, Fuller’s Sid comes across as a generally nice and mild-mannered character, a definite change from Zachariah’s cold, calculating, and disdainful nature, showcasing the actor’s range.

10. Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) – 11×13 “The Monster in the Closet”

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In one of the absolute creepiest episodes of the entire series (seriously, it was giving me “The Benders” vibes), the actor behind our favorite trucker hat-wearing grump plays George Gibbons, an accomplice of a serial killer dubbed “The Puppeteer” – who was named for his penchant for keeping his victim’s preserved dead bodies for months at a time, hanging them up and manipulating their corpses like marionettes. Beaver’s portrayal of the timid yet chilling associate of said serial killer gave the episode an extra layer of creep-factor, making it an installment of the normally delightful show that I would not voluntarily watch again *shudder.*

11. Sebastian Roché (Balthazar) – 11×21 “The Jewel in the Crown”

Courtesy of FOX

Begone, low v-necks! In this episode, Roché abandons his Balthazar-esque wardrobe to play French Inspector Rousseau who aides the FBI and the Jeffersonian in catching a murderer as well as a jewel thief. Initially lodging accusations against The Marquis De Chuassin, a prominent French nobleman, and creating all kinds of obstacles for the team, Rousseau eventually proves invaluable in bringing the perpetrators to justice. Being raised as a bilingual child and later learning two additional languages, Roché easily sports a fancy French accent as opposed to his natural British English. If Hodgins were a real man, I think it’d be safe to say he’d crown Roché “King of the Accents.”

With Supernatural ending soon and Bones having gone off the air back in 2017, it is sufficient to say that there may be a couple of “show holes” in peoples’ hearts. Luckily, the legacy of these two wonderful productions lives on in its shared cast who will continue to do great things in the future. Bones is available to stream on Hulu, and the current episodes of Supernatural are available to stream on Netflix and for purchase on Amazon.

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