Recap: Hearts Are Broken in ‘Love, Victor’ Episode 10: “Spring Fling”

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The spring dance has finally arrived and Creekwood is buzzing with excitement. Victor decides to officially come out to Mia, but things don’t go quite as planned. Armando and Isabel must make a big decision, and Pilar tries to figure out B’s identity. Read on to find out what happens in the season 1 finale of Love, Victor, “Spring Fling.”

It’s finally the day of the dance, and Victor kicks off his day by dropping the note he wrote in Benji’s locker. Felix catches up with him. They spot Mia, and Felix makes a remark about how she looks happy for someone who found out her boyfriend is gay. Victor admits he didn’t tell her because of other drama that was happening. He changes the subject to Lake and the dance just as her and Mia meet up with them, in a very awkward encounter. Another student, Wendy, approaches them, asking Felix to the dance, who promptly agrees. Lake looks on, jealous, but says nothing. They go their separate ways, and Victor tells Simon he will come out to Mia after the dance.

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Mia and Lake walk to class. Mia mentions she knows Lake doesn’t have a date to the dance, even though she likes Felix. She tells Lake she should apologize to him, but Lake is resistant to the idea, saying she needs eye candy for her date. They head upstairs as Andrew and his friends come downstairs. Lake tells one of his friends, Kieran, they’re now going to the dance together, despite him saying they were only going as a group to make fun of other couples.

After school, Mia goes home and finds Harold and Veronica talking and laughing. Harold voices his excitement about the dance and walks out, leaving Veronica and Mia alone. Veronica attempts to connect with Mia again, offering jewelry she can wear to the dance. Mia doesn’t accept. She tells Veronica she wants her and Harold to be happy, but she can’t get excited about the dance or anything with Veronica because they don’t have the relationship. Veronica deflates but starts to say she hopes her and Mia can have that one day. Before she can finish, though, Mia stops her and leaves to get ready for the dance.

Victor and Pilar also get ready for the dance. Victor goes to her room asking which tie option is better. Pilar responds with “option B,” emphasizing the B, but Victor doesn’t notice. He brings up Armando punching his boss. Pilar says she isn’t surprised they didn’t know, because “[their] family is full of liars,” again shading a now confused Victor. A little later, all of the Salazars, Mia, Lake and Kieran, and Felix and Wendy are in the living room taking photos. Lake watches Felix and Wendy excitedly talking, still green with envy. Victor decides Isabel took enough pictures and says they’re going to head out. He tells Isabel and Armando they seem good. Armando promises they’re going to be better, and Isabel tells Victor to have a good time with Mia, also mentioning how special she is.

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The group arrives at the school, which is completely decked out with sparkling and beautiful decorations. Victor asks what Mia wants to do first, but Lake steals her away to get away from Kieran. Victor spots Benji and Derek. He makes eye contact with Benji, who only partly acknowledges. Victor gets frustrated and leaves. He goes to the bathroom, and Benji follows. He says he read Victor’s note, and he forgives him for the kiss, but he needs to stay away from Victor. When he walks out, Andrew comes out of a stall. He washes his hands and leaves, not saying anything. Panicked, Victor chases after him. He catches up to Andrew and tries to explain, but Mia interrupts and pulls Victor away to dance. One of Andrew’s friends comes up to him, making a comment about Victor and Mia getting married. Andrew responds by saying it won’t last much longer.

Everyone is out on the floor enjoying themselves. Felix and Wendy are dancing, and Felix spots Lake and gets distracted. Wendy notices and offers to get him a drink. Pilar then comes up to Felix. She asks Felix if Victor has told him anything recently, but Felix pretends he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She follows by saying she found the letter to B, and if Felix knows something, he needs to share.

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Back home, Armando and Isabel reminisce about their high school dances, which feels like a lifetime ago for them. Isabel asks if they were crazy for getting married so young. Armando says “probably,” but tells her it was the best decision they made. Isabel agrees, adding she’ll always feel that way no matter what. Despite their earlier mood, the couple seems sad.

Victor and Mia are dancing, and Andrew watches, annoyed. Meanwhile, Pilar is still on a mission to discover the elusive B. She finds Benji and Derek and asks Benji if her and Victor work with any girls. Then, she asks about the work trip, and Derek questions her. She mentions that something happened on the work trip, which sparks and argument with Benji and Derek after she leaves. Felix intrudes on Mia and Victor, pulling Victor aside to warn him that Pilar found the note and knows about the work trip. He tells Victor he also saw her talk to Benji and Derek, who are still arguing. Victor heads towards them, but he sees Andrew walking towards Mia and takes him into the hallway.

When they find a quiet spot, Victor explains what happened to Andrew. He asks Andrew if he’s going to tell anyone (he won’t), but Andrew gets defensive of Mia. He tells Victor it’s not fair to her. Victor agrees and promises he’s going to tell her after the dance; he wants “to give her one last perfect night” first. Benji and Derek come into the hall continuing their argument, prompting Andrew to leave. Derek confronts Victor, who explains again what happened on the trip, emphasizing that Benji wasn’t responsible for it. He tells Derek that Benji is too good to walk away from, saying they’re “awesome together.” He says he’ll stay out of their way and leaves.

Lake dances with Kieran, who’s talking about his workout when she decides to go get a drink. She runs into Felix, and they both (awkwardly) talk about their dates. Felix says she’s glad Lake is having a good time and wants to see her happy, and she walks away. She’s quickly replaced by Mia, asking if Felix has seen Victor.

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Victor sits outside, and Benji joins him. Benji tells Victor he broke up with Derek. He mentions something’s been off between them, and he wants to be with someone who makes him feel like himself, which is how Victor makes him feel. The two (FINALLY) kiss. When they break apart, Benji asks about Mia. Victor says he’ll tell her tomorrow. Benji questions whether Victor is ready to actually say the words, and Victor assures him he is. They begin kissing again when Mia walks outside and spots them. She doesn’t say anything and turns right back around to go inside, upset and crying. Victor and Benji break apart again, and Victor heads back to the dance.

Another student announces the Spring Fling king and queen, who are none other than Victor and Mia. When Victor makes it back, he notices Andrew consoling Mia. He pushes through the crowd to get to her as everyone else becomes confused. Lake decides to go onstage in Mia’s place, and she invites Felix to accept on Victor’s behalf, who remains in the crowd watching and listening. She takes a major step and gives a heartfelt speech about Felix, saying “that little nerd makes me happy.” She asks Felix to join her for the king and queen dance. Felix turns to apologize to Wendy, but she tells him to go. When he reaches Lake, the two kiss, and everyone cheers for them.

Andrew and Mia are walking home, and Victor chases after them. He asks Mia what all Andrew told her, but she says she saw him and Benji together, asking if anything about their relationship was real. Victor tries to tell her it was, but she doesn’t listen, and her and Andrew leave. Pilar comes out and confirms Mia found out. Victor tries to explain to her, too, but she also doesn’t listen. Like Mia, she’s hurt and frustrated that she feels like she can’t trust Victor anymore when, after everything that’s happened after the move, he was supposed to be the one person she could trust. Victor promises to explain to her but after they go home.

Mia and Andrew make it to Mia’s house. Andrew tries to make her feel better, and Mia makes a joke about him being a nice guy. She invites him inside, but he declines and confesses he wants to be more than her rebound. Mia heads inside and is greeted by Veronica. She notices Mia’s distress, and Mia finally breaks down in Veronica’s arms.

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Just as Pilar and Victor arrive home, Victor gets a message from Simon telling him to just be honest, reminding Victor he can’t control other people’s reactions. The siblings go inside, and Victor announces he has news. Isabel says her and Armando have news, too. Armando begins explaining how the affair affected them, and it took Victor scolding them to acknowledge they aren’t okay. Isabel explains that her and Armando have changed and say they need to take a step back. They drop the bomb that they will be separating. Victor stands and leaves. Isabel asks what his news is, and he says it’s nothing. But he doesn’t get too far down the hall before turning around, saying, “It’s not nothing.” Then, after 10 full episodes of not being able to say the words out loud, Victor tells his parents, “I’m gay,” and he can finally exhale.

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