Recap: Everyone Opens Up in ‘Love, Victor’ Episode 9: “Who the Hell Is B?”

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Feeling renewed after New York, Victor decides he wants to come out to a select few, including Mia, who has some other major news dropped on her. Lake and Felix grow closer while Benji and Victor drift. Victor also learns what Armando did in Texas. Read on to find out what happens in “Who the Hell Is B?”

Victor looks through photos he took from his New York trip. He pulls out his trusty walkie talkie and pages Felix, asking to meet him outside. Victor sits on the curb waiting, looking nervous, Felix joins him and asks what’s up. Victor struggles to say it, so he asks Felix to turn around and relieve some of the pressure. When he does, Victor comes out to Felix and explains why he stayed with Mia and wanted their relationship to work. After he’s done explaining, Felix asks to turn around and Victor says yes. Felix, briefly at a loss for words, pulls Victor into a hug. He says he’s happy Victor told him. They mention telling Mia next. Felix says that Mia will understand, because Victor didn’t cheat on her or anything. At that, Victor admits to kissing Benji.

Isabel is setting up for her first piano lesson, and Victor greets her for the first time since returning from New York. She asks him how the trip went, noting his new jacket (you know, the one Simon gave him on his “basketball” retreat). Armando walks in as Victor heads to his room to get ready for school. Armando asks Isabel about her students. She tells him, making a joke about a male underwear being a student, but Armando isn’t amused. She tells him he doesn’t need to worry, though.

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Victor and Felix walk into school and see banners and decorations advertising the dance all over the place. Felix mentions how he’d like to go with Lake, but she still doesn’t want to people to know about them beyond Mia. He continues coming up with extravagant ways to ask Lake to the dance. Victor says that if he really wants to ask her, he just needs to do it (but in a normal way). They spot Mia down the hall, and Victor says he’ll ask to hang out at her house so she can have privacy to react. Victor goes to talk to her. Pilar is with her, picking up a pair of shoes for the dance. When she leaves, Victor apologizes to Mia for not keeping in touch as much. Mia is still annoyed, but Victor offers to hang out after school. Mia agrees and gets excited about a sushi recipe she wants to try.

Lake and Felix are canoodling in the supply closet again. Felix brings up the dance and how he’d like to go with her. Lake says she isn’t into dances, and she doesn’t like that couples who go to them are inevitably scrutinized. She’s not ready for the student body to do that to her and Felix quite yet. Instead, she asks Felix to come over after school but making it clear it’s not to do anything more than kissing.

Victor arrives at work and finds Benji packing up his belongings. He tells Victor that he’s transferring. Victor asks if it’s because of the kiss (partly), and Benji says he feels guilty working with Victor, even though he didn’t do anything wrong. He leaves, and Victor watches him, sad.

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Lake and Felix are at Lake’s house, and Felix is in awe of her room. They start kissing but hear her mom (Georgina) come home earlier than expected. She makes Felix hide under the bed just as Georgina enters her room, arms full of clothes. She notices Felix’s backpack, but Lake covers by saying it’s a new trend. Georgina lays out the clothes on Lake’s bed, insisting they do their own fashion show while also criticizing Lake’s current outfit. Lake finally gives in, and Felix remains trapped under the bed.

Victor gets a message from Simon, who shares his own experience coming out and making a long post on Creek secrets. He tells Victor the post isn’t necessary, but he should find some way to make Benji understand what happened and why. After his shift, Victor decides to pen a note to Benji, addressing him as “B.”

Armando returns home from work. On his way to the apartment, he passes an unfamiliar man who’s leaving it. He automatically assumes the worst and confronts a confused Isabel about it. She lets him vent, and when their toilet flushes in the background, she tells Armando the man was dropping off a student, who comes walking out. Armando, embarrassed, doesn’t respond and leaves her to her lesson.

Lake is still trying on clothes, and Georgina gets excited over the next outfit, but Lake is ready to be done. Georgina brings up Lake’s weight loss and wanting her to look presentable (which earns a large eye roll from Felix still under the bed). Lake says she thinks she’s doing fine. Georgina disagrees, giving Lake a speech about how she didn’t always have clothes that were good enough and used her wardrobe to help her succeed. She tells Lake she needs to look a certain way (for example, she must be “curvy but not big”). Felix isn’t having it, but Lake does her best not to react. Georgina finally leaves, and Felix is freed from his hiding spot. Lake wants him to leave, though, embarrassed about what Georgina told her. Instead, Felix wants to take her somewhere.

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Mia and Victor are enjoying their sushi at Mia’s house. Harold and Veronica come home, and Mia offers them sushi. Veronica turns it down, claiming she’s not into sushi. Mia’s confused at the statement, because Veronica eats sushi all the time. She realizes shortly after that Veronica is pregnant. When she asks, Veronica admits it. Victor gets up to leave, but Mia wants him to stay. Harold drops yet another bomb on Mia when he tells her him and Veronica are getting married. Mia becomes overwhelmed and goes to her room.

Felix brings Lake to his apartment, that not even Victor has seen. When he opens the door, he reveals a space occupied by a hoarder (his mother). He opens up to Lake about how the apartment used to be normal until it wasn’t, explaining how his mother’s depression kept getting worse. After he saw Lake’s life, he wanted her to see his. He tells her that their lives don’t reflect them, and he tells Lake everything he likes about her.

Back in Mia’s room, Mia lies on her bed, a box of tissues handy. Victor comes in to sit with her. She shares that she’s worried Harold is moving on like her mother did. Victor reminds her that nothing will change between Mia and Harold, because he loves her more than anything. After the whirlwind of news, Victor decides not to tell Mia he’s gay.

Lake and Felix wait outside for her Lyft. Felix thanks her for being there, and Lake thanks him for bringing her. He asks her one more time to go to the dance, not caring about what other people think. Lake says no, again, and admits she does care. Frustrated and tired, Felix breaks up with her.

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The rest of the Salazars eat a quiet and awkward dinner. Adrian senses the tension and tries to break it by complimenting Isabel’s cooking. Pilar decides to take Adrian out for ice cream so their parents can clear the air. After they walk away, Armando says he’s not comfortable with the piano lessons, but Isabel won’t give up so easily. She’s fed up with being the family’s “punching bag,” mentioning she wouldn’t have to be if Armando hadn’t beat up Roger, gotten fired, and caused them to move. Victor enters right as Isabel says this. She tells him she didn’t want to overwhelm the kids with the information, and this sets Victor off. He talks about how he’s tired of Isabel and Armando’s arguing, and he, Pilar, and Adrian can all sense something is off. He says they need to do better, and he walks off.

While he’s in the shower, Pilar opens the door enough to ask if she can borrow money for ice cream, but he doesn’t hear her. She goes to his room to look for his wallet. She can’t find it, but she does find the note Victor wrote to “B,” wondering who it is.

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