Recap: Mia and Victor Try to Kick Things Up in ‘Love, Victor’ Episode 6: “Creekwood Nights”

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Victor and Mia are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Mia wants to take the next step in their relationship, but Victor isn’t so sure. Benji has some trouble in paradise with Derek. Meanwhile, Lake and Felix grow a little closer. Read on to find out what happens in “Creekwood Nights.”

An excited Victor messages Simon about him and Mia officially being in a relationship. During a montage of related scenes, he gushes about how much he enjoys hanging out with her and that his family loves her, he enjoys kissing her, and likes the lip gloss she wears. The montage ends with them in the hall at school. Victor breaks off a kiss because there are “too many people,” which leaves Mia feeling a little disappointed.

In class, they are doing a sex education lesson. Andrew turns to Mia saying how her and Victor “are doing a lot of sex ed these days,” which annoys Mia. After class, Mia voices her frustration about this to Lake, not understanding why he’s so hesitant to take their relationship up a level. Lake tells her she needs to send Victor a “sexy message.” She shows Mia a photo of herself she posted on Creek Secrets under a fake account to prove her point (though it doesn’t really prove that much yet).

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While the girls are in the hall, Victor and Felix are sitting in the theater listening to other students present monologues. In the middle of an especially confusing one, Victor receives the supposedly sexy message from Mia, but it confuses him as much as the monologues. He responds with the thumbs up emoji, leaving Mia frustrated the message didn’t work. Lake takes over, sending something meant to be more enticing. The boys read it, but Victor still doesn’t get the hint, as the message was mostly emojis. Felix, however, tells Victor that he could be “dancing the midnight Macarena,” the implication making Victor worried.

Victor arrives at the coffee shop for his shift and finds Benji hard at work on latte art that’s supposed to be Derek. He tells Victor him and Derek are about to hit their one-year anniversary. He wants to do something romantic but isn’t sure what. Victor asks about their first date, suggesting Benji recreate it. Benji is responsive to the idea, listing other things he can do to make the date as romantic as possible. Victor then tells Benji about his upcoming date with Mia, nervous about taking the next step with her. Benji mentions how he used to be with girls while he was figuring his out his own sexuality, reassuring Victor.

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Mia and Lake prepare Mia’s room for later that night. Though Mia feels ready, she’s also nervous about later, fussing about her outfit, Lake being the ever-supportive friend. She tells Mia it’s okay to be nervous about the first time. Mia admits that it’s not. She tells Lake her first time was with another camp counselor, but it wasn’t that big a deal.

Victor is also getting ready. He receives a text of encouragement from Benji that includes a selfie of Benji and the dinner he made for his date. When Victor leaves, he runs into Felix with the game Catan. Victor voices his concerns again and Felix supports him before heading off. Before he can make it too far, Victor tells him to wait. Soon after, Victor arrives at Mia’s house, Felix and Catan in tow.

Next is a brief scene with Benji and Derek at the start of their date. Benji leads Derek, eyes closed, into the coffee shop where he’s set everything up, excited and proud of himself. When Derek opens his eyes, he’s surprised, but he doesn’t match Benji’s enthusiasm.

Back at Mia’s house, Felix is explaining the rules of Catan to his three extremely bored friends. Victor “apologizes” to Mia, hiding the fact that he deliberately brought Felix with him to avoid having sex. Felix’s speech finally ends. He says they’re ready to start, leaving Lake in disbelief after realizing the 45 minutes he was talking wasn’t the start of the game. Mia excuses herself to go to her room and Lake follows. Victor expresses his appreciation to Felix but is concerned about Mia being upset. Felix says to let her, because if Victor isn’t ready, he isn’t ready. Still, Victor leaves to check on Mia.

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Benji and Derek’s date seems to be going well. Benji checks in, asking if Derek likes the meal. He half-heartedly says he does, but he’s more concerned about getting to the show they originally planned. Benji tries to get excited about the show but can’t. He’d much rather enjoy dinner alone with Derek and skip the show, wanting to focus on celebrating their anniversary. At this sentiment, Derek goes on about how he doesn’t “believe” in anniversaries and the like, nor should Benji just because society and straight people say they should, referring to anyone who does as “morons.” This hurts Benji, whose excitement is shattered. Regardless, he hands Derek a card he bought, with a cartoon block of cheese and cheese grater on the front that says, “I’d hate to sound cheesy on our anniversary, but…” (And perhaps says “You’re grate” on the inside?) Derek looks apologetic, but he’s still focused on the show, eventually deciding to go, Benji staying behind to clean up.

Victor and Lake run into each other in the hallway. Lake is also frustrated with Victor messing up the night Mia had planned by bringing Felix along. She asks him why he’s so hesitant about doing more with Mia, but he won’t say (even when it’s something she mentions). When he reaches Mia’s room, he doesn’t let her get a word out before kissing her.

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Lake sends for a Lyft and waits in the living room with Felix, who’s watching Planet Earth. While she waits for her ride, Lake gets caught up in comments people left on her fake account’s Creek Secrets post, which are people commenting on her looks and she’s upset that they “called [her] a six” even though she’s “at least a low nine.”  She asks Felix to give her a number, but he won’t. He tells her she deserves better than someone who reduces her to a number. He describes the mating pattern of the anglerfish currently on the TV screen, telling Lake she deserves someone who’d give up everything for her.

Mia and Victor are still kissing, and Mia suggests sitting down, clearly trying to kick things up a notch. Victor realizes the insinuation, excusing himself for a minute. When he returns, Mia asks him what’s wrong, worried it’s about her. He says it’s not her fault. He’s just not quite ready yet. Mia is frustrated that Victor didn’t say anything before, but she says if he wants to slow things down, they can. Victor leaves shortly after. On his way out, he messages Simon, questioning if liking Mia is enough to want to be with her. He finds Lake and Felix kissing on the couch but doesn’t say anything as he heads out. Lake and Felix were oblivious, and Lake tells Felix no one can know about them.

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As Victor walks home, Simon tells him it’s okay if he isn’t attracted to Mia. He should take the time to figure out what he wants. He reaches the coffee shop and spots Benji cleaning up. He goes in and asks Benji how his date went, who says it was fine. Benji in turn asks Victor about his, who admits there isn’t much to talk about. Benji asks Victor if he wants to learn how to do latte art, lifting both their spirits.

Mia lies in her bed scrolling through photos of her and Victor. Still disappointed, she goes back to older photos, all of them photos of her and Andrew looking mighty close to each other.

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