Recap: Secrets Come Out in ‘Love, Victor’ Episode 4: “The Truth Hurts”

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After Pilar learns about her mother’s affair, the Salazars must come face-to-face with the truth, and Victor and Pilar do a little digging of their own. Meanwhile, Victor is still sitting with his feelings for Benji, and a new person enters Mia’s life. Read on to find out what happened in “The Truth Hurts.”

We start at the coffee shop with Victor, who’s reading his latest message from Simon talking about his celebrity crushes, empathizing with Victor learning about Benji seeing someone. Victor tries not to despair, though. He tells Simon that things are great: he and Benji are on the same wavelength at work, he’s found his people at school, he’s succeeding on the basketball team, and his family seems to be getting along.

This leads to Victor, his mom, his siblings, and Felix in the Salazar living room. His mom is making a poster for Victor’s next basketball game that says, “Salazar is a Salastar.” Victor talks about how she gets so excited to the point of actually dancing at his games, but they laugh about it together. But the easy-going atmosphere they had is lost during dinner. Pilar volunteers to say grace but takes the time to instead sarcastically point out how her mom is the one who most needs help. Isabel is unaware Pilar knows about the affair and attributes the moment to Pilar being jealous of Victor. She storms off. Felix tries to break the tension by saying, “Do you guys always do grace roast style?”

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When everyone is done eating, Victor brings Pilar a slice of pizza. She tells Victor about the affair, but he doesn’t believe her. She shows him the messages, but Victor decides that they’re just spam, not wanting to believe what’s right in front of him.

At Mia’s house, her dad returns from his trip to Paris and comes bearing a gift: a designer handbag Mia’s surprised he would pick. He admits that he had help from his “friend,” a woman named Veronica, who was just “tagging along” on the trip. Mia mentions that there’s always someone tagging along, but this one is different. Her dad says he’d like Mia and Veronica to meet over dinner.

During lunch at school, Mia is lamenting about dinner to Victor, Lake, and Felix. When Victor asks if it means she won’t be at his game, she says Lake will be with her to help them get out of it early and make it to the game, as Lake is the excuse queen. The conversation takes a slightly darker turn when Mia says all her father’s girlfriends have been terrible, starting with her mother who left Mia to go to rehab and never came back. She says that they can never know everything about their parents.

Victor catches up to Pilar in the hallway. He’s still denying Isabel did anything wrong, but he tells Pilar he needs answers. Pilar admits she’s been messaging Roger all day, masquerading as Isabel. She tells Victor that Roger will be in Atlanta and they should trick him into meeting with them. Victor agrees.

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Lake and Mia are setting the table for dinner, Mia dreading the moment Veronica enters her house. When her father introduces the girls to Veronica, they have completely opposite reactions. Lake is quickly entranced by Veronica, but Mia isn’t so trusting and thinks it’s weird her dad chose an age-appropriate girlfriend. Veronica tries to be friendly with Mia, but Mia keeps her guard up, despite her dad’s obvious admiration for Veronica.

Pilar and Victor go meet Roger at his hotel, who thinks he’s meeting Isabel. When they arrive, they aren’t sure which one is him (as his profile photo is a dog). Pilar points out someone who “looks like a Roger,” so they ambush him only to get him in trouble with his wife. Victor begins to scold Pilar but stops when he notices another man anxiously waiting with flowers and a bottle of wine. He identifies the man as the real Roger, who happens to be his father’s former boss from Texas. Victor, shocked and hurt, says it’s time to go and they leave before Roger spots them.

Back with Mia and Lake, Mia’s father is telling the story of how he and Veronica met, totally smitten. Lake remains charmed and Mia unimpressed. The girls clear the table. Lake offers to bail early, but Mia is convinced there’s something off she needs to figure out first. They bring out dessert. Mia interrogates Veronica about her life, but it quickly goes downhill. Lake attempts an excuse no one notices. Eventually, a frustrated Mia leaves and Lake, apologetic, follows.

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Victor and Pilar arrive at the game, both upset but swear not to tell their mother about Roger. Mia and Lake show up shortly after, Mia still angry but (sarcastically) says it doesn’t matter because they are at the game to support Victor and have fun. The coach and the rest of the team are pumped up and ready, but Victor’s head isn’t in it. He’s off during the game and argues with a referee about a bad call. He storms out when the coach says he’s benching Victor. Isabel goes after him, but Victor snaps at her. He reveals he knows about the affair, which is exacerbated when the rest of the family comes outside, and Armando admits he already knew about Isabel’s indiscretion.

Isabel and Armando decide to come mostly clean to Pilar and Victor about the affair. Isabel details the circumstances that led to it but assures the kids that she shut it down before it went too far physically. Armando drops another bomb when he says the move to Atlanta from Texas was to help their family get a new start. Pilar is deeply hurt by the news, as she believed they moved because Armando simply got a better job offer. She and Victor retreat to their rooms at the end of the conversation. When the coast is clear, Armando voices his relief that Isabel didn’t tell them about what he did.

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Mia and Victor meet at the coffee shop, both of them still feeling sad about their parents. Victor tells her that learning about the affair was hard because he’s so close to his mom, and it’s hard to believe she’d do it. Mia shares that her mom didn’t go to rehab; she was tired of living the life she never truly wanted. Mia admits she lied because she didn’t want people to know that she didn’t feel good enough for her own mother. She tells Victor he should try to forgive Isabel. Victor tells her that her mom was an idiot for walking away from someone like Mia.

When he gets home, Victor sits with his mom. They talk for a couple of minutes, acknowledging the affair. Victor says that he doesn’t want to talk about it again though, and he goes to his room.

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