Noah Reid’s ‘Gemini’ Now Available!

Courtesy of Noah Reid.


If there has been one thing to look forward to with certainty as of late, it has been the impending release of Noah Reid’s second album, Gemini.

Reid released his first album, Songs from a Broken Chair, in 2016. Based on the four incredible singles that have been released from Gemini thus far, this album is a wonderful representation of Reid’s continuing growth as a musician. Whereas Songs from a Broken Chair features an assortment of soft, comfortable tracks that feel like home, Gemini is an exciting journey to somewhere entirely new.

Fans of Schitt’s Creek will fondly remember Reid’s character Patrick Brewer and his epic season 4 rendition of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” in the episode “Open Mic.”

In case you missed it, Reid released his third music video from Gemini earlier this week for his single “Got You.” There are also videos for his singles “Jacob’s Dream” and “Honesty.”

As of today, Gemini is officially available.

And don’t forget, for those who missed out on seeing Reid perform live due to the unfortunate postponement of his First Time Out Tour, he still has exclusive tour merchandise available on his website!


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