Noah Reid Releases New Single ‘Hold On’

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Courtesy of staff photographer Liz Larson

While Schitt’s Creek fans worldwide are still mourning the end of their beloved show, one of the stars of the comedy hit series, Noah Reid, is ready to soothe the loss felt by so many. Today, Reid has released his new single “Hold On” on all major streaming platforms. He took to Twitter this week to explain that the release of his new album Gemini will not be postponed, albeit the tour accompanying the release of the record is currently put on hold. He also added that he changed the release order of the singles to better fit the current times.

“It’s a song that just felt right for the time that we’re living in. I hope you enjoy it and keep holding on.”

Besides “Hold On,” there are already two songs released from the album, one of which is called “Jacob’s Dream” and has a music video available that you can watch here. The full album is set to be released on May 29, 2020 and promises to be a further exploration of Reid’s unique sound, a mix of the singer-songwriter genre with some classic folk and Americana elements.

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