‘The Blacklist’ Season 7, Episode 19 Recap: “The Kazanjian Brothers”

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The season 7 finale of The Blacklist, “The Kazanjian Brothers,” opens with a man named Frank Merwin handcuffed to a briefcase and on the phone with a man at a chess shop. Two suspicious characters approach Merwin and are about to kill him when a SUV shows up with armed men. They shoot the two suspicious individuals, grab Merwin, take him into their SUV, and the man who is still on the phone asks what’s going on. Merwin says to still meet at the chess shop and then his phone is broken. The men ask about the briefcase and he says it’s for his clients.

Liz is seen watching over her grandfather and we hear a voice-over from her that so many people have died that she cared about in order to protect Reddington’s secret. She says that a part of her died along with them and she isn’t sure how much she has left.

(The cast of The Blacklist including Harry Lennix, Amir Arison, Diego Klattenhoff, and Laura Sohn explain to the audience that because of Coronavirus, production was shut down. The audience is shown behind-the-scenes photos and told that because of the creative team working at The Blacklist, the episode was not able to be finished. They wish everyone well and they hope to be back filming soon.)

Liz is again seen talking to her grandfather and says that if she loses one more part of her, she will become transformed. Suddenly, Liz and everything around her has become animated . Dom’s caretaker comes and tells Liz that Dom is doing better and he would like to try and take Dom out of the coma. She leaves and the episode transitions to live-action.

Liz leaves the warehouse and is being followed by a man. Liz catches him off guard and knows that he’s been following her. She tells the man to take her to Katarina. At Katarina’s, Liz says that Dom is off limits and to stop following her. Liz reminds Katarina that she put him in a coma but Katarina defends herself and says that she wanted her life back. Liz asks about when she went into hiding and Katarina says that she found out why the Townsend Directive is after her. She asks Liz if she is on her side as Liz gets a call from Red. She ignores it and tells Katarina that until she tells her secrets, they have nothing to talk about.

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Once again in animation, Dembe asks Red if he thinks Liz knows her mother is alive and that Katarina might have Liz on her side and not on Red’s. Red coughs and Dembe gives him medicine to take. Liz walks up and asks if he’s okay but he quickly changes the subject to tell her about a case. He wants the Task Force to find and capture the Kazanjian brothers.

In live-action, Liz briefs the team on the Kazanjian brothers. They are hired by criminals for protection. Their latest client is Frank Merwin, who’s an accountant that moves money for criminals. Cooper instructs Park and Ressler to talk to the ex-wife and Liz and Aram to go through Merwin’s financials. Liz pulls Ressler into her office and tells him that Katarina had her followed. Ressler suggests having the FBI get involved but Liz says that if she’s arrested, then Reddington will get to her.

In animation, Park and Ressler are questioning the ex-wife at her house. She tells them that she hasn’t heard from him in 2 weeks and she doesn’t know about his work. As the ex-wife is being questioned, Merwin has called his daughter and says that he doesn’t know when he will see her again. Suddenly, one of the Kazanjian brothers finds Merwin and takes the phone away. Merwin’s daughter goes to her mom and tells her that she talked to her dad. Ressler says they are going to need her phone.

Back in live-action, Aram says that they traced the call made to Pearl Merwin’s phone to the Whitmore Hotel. Liz tells Ressler that Red may have given the team the case to catch Katarina and she is right in the middle of them both. Ressler tells her they have to follow this lead but she is worried what they’ll find. Merwin calls the man at the chess shop to tell him that plans have changed and the meeting needs to be moved to six. The man reluctantly agrees after Merwin tells him the feds are now involved.

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In animation, Ressler and Keen arrive at the Whitmore. Liz overhears a man on the phone and asks him who he was talking to and if he’s staying at the hotel. The woman at the front desk says there are rooms blocked off upstairs. Liz and an officer are on the floor as Ressler and another officer are in the stairwell. Keen goes inside the room and tells Ressler that it’s clear. Suddenly, Ressler and the officer are under fire. The brothers try and take the elevator but Liz catches them. A shootout occurs and a woman is caught in the crossfire. Liz asks them about Katarina Rostova/Maddy Tolliver and the Townsend Directive. The brothers escape with Merwin in the elevator and Liz takes the stairs. Ressler has a man help the injured woman as he goes to meet Liz downstairs but the brothers and Merwin drive off. Ressler goes to the front desk and uses a phone he finds to see who Merwin called last. Liz says to have Aram trace the call and she calls Reddington. Red fears Liz has suspicions.

In live-action, Park tells Cooper that the man they have in interrogation had the rooms blocked off but knows nothing more. She is circulating the Kazanjian brothers’ photos and they won’t get away. Cooper is curious why they are in D.C. Aram calls Reddington and tells him the lead is Stanley Burch. Red tells Dembe to pay a visit to Stanley. Aram tells Cooper about Stanley and Cooper tells them to get there. Aram tells Cooper that he told Reddington so he could live and Cooper tells them to get there before Reddington. Merwin and the brothers arrive at the chess shop to meet Stanley but Dembe and some of Reddington’s men take the Kazanjian brothers.

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In animation, Liz meets Red at his restaurant. She knows he gave her the case to get to Maddy Tolliver and he knows that Liz knows he isn’t Ilya Koslov. Liz tells Red about the lead but Red is already aware. Park is seen at the chess shop but finds it empty. Red feels that Liz’s mother is a danger to all of them but Liz asks if he gave her a reason to come after them. Their discussion becomes more heated and Red collapses. Liz calls Katarina and asks if she is still being followed. Transitioning to live-action, Katarina arrives at the restaurant with a car that takes Liz and Red to the warehouse where Dom is kept.

Back into animation, Liz asks why Katarina is helping and she says that because Red is important to Liz. Red tries to struggle but Liz says they are getting him help. Liz says she is tired of the secrets that they are both keeping from her and how she is stuck in the middle. Katarina tells Liz that she is accused of stealing the Sikorsky Archives and that’s why people are after her.

Dembe is questioning the one of the brothers. He says that they faked her death for a part of the Townsend Directive bounty but they still owe her half and there is a man named Wayne they were supposed to meet to get it. Screaming is heard and the brother pleads for it to stop but learns it was just a recording of screams by Brimley. Dembe tells the brother to set up the meeting as he rushes to Reddington.

Red is at the warehouse where Dom is. The caretaker gives Liz good news about Dom but says that he isn’t sure what’s wrong with Reddington. Liz says that Red scared her and she had help to bring him here. He says that she is a threat but he knows a man that can get to her. He tells her this will be over soon and she leaves. Red says he has bait on a hook for her and if she bites, he knows she isn’t on his side.

Back to live-action, Cooper and Red are on the phone and Cooper knows Red has the Kazanjian brothers and Stanley Burch is gone. Red says to get Merwin and he will get all the information on Merwin’s clients. Cooper tells him that he knows about Maddy Tolliver, her being alive, and that she’s Liz’s mother. Cooper warns Red not to touch her and he says he won’t but that Cooper needs to get to Merwin.

Ressler and Keen are talking in her office about the name Red gave her and why he would tell her that he is going after her mother. Liz says that she could call her mother and warn her but Ressler says that Liz’s call could save Katarina’s life. Cooper comes in to tell them to meet Park about Merwin and he assures Liz that he told Red to not harm her mother. Liz isn’t sure she can believe that and Ressler poses the question that if she saved Reddington, does that tip the scale?

Changing to animation, Red is talking to the Kazanjian brothers and tells them that their show of “killing” Katarina had him and the Directive fooled. The brothers tell Red they set the meeting with Wayne Otte but Red said that’s not the variable he’s worried about. Dembe says that it’s time and he has the brothers taken away. Red says he feels that Liz isn’t with him.

Back to live-action, Liz calls Katarina and tells her that Red is onto her. She tells her that Red knows about the Kazanjian brothers and that they were supposed to deliver a payment to her but instead are meeting with Wayne Otte. Liz tells her that Red is testing her and that if she calls it off, he will know that they are working together. She tells her that all she cares about is if Otte gets there, Red uses him to get to her. She tells her to call the meeting off. Katarina calls Otte and tells him they have a situation.

Stanley calls Merwin and tells him about a car waiting for him and all his cards and IDs for his escape. The episode transitions in animation as Merwin is dropped off into the woods. He starts walking towards the chopper and Ressler, Park, and other tactile team members are close to stop the getaway. Stanley meets with Dembe and is also seemingly escaping. Ressler, Park, and the team get word that a chopper has been spotted and they move out. They catch Merwin before he gets on the chopper and he opens the briefcase, blowing all the papers away.

Red is told by his doctor that he needs to be honest about his condition. Red gets a call from Dembe and the episode transitions into liv-action. Dembe tells Red that Otte showed up and that Liz is on his side after all. Merwin is being interrogated by Ressler and Keen and they tell him that if he cooperates, he may get a shortened sentence. Merwin doesn’t seem worried and tells them that there are many powerful people that want to protect him.

Dembe picks up Red from the warehouse and tells him about the account numbers and the money. Red asks about the Kazanjian brothers and Dembe says they went for a “drive.” Red calls Elizabeth and tells her he has a lead. He tells her about Otte and says that he’s happy she’s on his side. Liz goes to meet Katarina and she says that Red now has a way to find her. Katarina says she is ahead of Red and that Liz is no longer in the middle. Liz gets a text about her grandfather and she leaves.

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Animated Liz goes to see her grandfather. She tells him that she is on her mother’s side now and anyone that gets in her mother’s way, is in her way. She is embracing her darkness and isn’t afraid of it anymore. “Mother, I’m ready.”

Thank you all for reading and stay tuned as we keep an eye out for any news on season 8!

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