New Items Available from Stands, Including Limited Edition Jason Manns Guitar Charm

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Stands has unveiled some fun new items now available in their shop!

Jason Manns has teamed up with Stands to create a limited edition guitar charm. A portion of proceeds from the sales of this charm will benefit Jacmel Children’s Center, and charms are expected to begin shipping within 3-5  days of placing your order. Head over to the Stands website to purchase the charm as the item is only available until May 26. You can purchase the charm here for $20!

New to the Supernatural charms added is the Sam’s Shoe Charm. Hopefully, you won’t lose this one from your Embracelet! These charms are $15, available all-year round, and a portion of proceeds from the sales of this charm will benefit Feeding America.

Also new to the shop are the Profound Bond Socks that feature Castiel’s handprint that Dean Winchester sports after the angel pulled him from Hell. The socks are $14.99 and a portion of those proceeds will go to  Animal Allies.

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