Richard Speight, Jr. Music Series: Fans Share Favorite Dick Jr. & the Volunteers Lyrics

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Welcome to our next music series, centered around Richard Speight, Jr.’s music, as well as his album The Dance and How To Do It by Dick Jr. & the Volunteers.

Much like our previous Louden Swain series, we asked fans a series of questions about Rich’s music and album, and we’ve compiled them into a fun series. Next up, we asked fans what their favorite lyric off of the album was. We also might have had the man himself answer the questions, too.

Here’s Rich’s favorite lyrics:

Richard S (@dicksp8jr): “When I see the lights, I can feel the tension…Words aren’t always right, but the music’s always loud.” (Living At Night)

See what fans had to say were their favorite lyrics below!

Lyric: “I’m goin’ straight to the bottom of the bottle, and you can go straight to hell.” (Goin’ Straight)

Natasha (@NatashaCole): “It’s a classic country music lyric and I love country music.”

Lyric: “It’s been rough and rocky traveling, but I’m finally standing upright on the ground. After taking several readings, I’m surprised to find my mind’s still fairly sound.” (Me & Paul)

Bernadette (@Flutterbee72): “I know this song is about physical traveling but this brings to mind an emotional journey I’ve had through some personal tough times and making it through to a place of acceptance.”

Emma H. (@simplyreflected): “It reminds me that while I may go through bad times, if I work through it, I will get through it.”

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Lyric: “I loved her like a fairytale, I lost her like a dream.” (Cautionary Fairytale)

Lindsey D. (@lindyysolo): “It’s a simple yet poetic way describing finding and losing love.”

Sarah W. (@wyldefandom): “It is an excellent description of falling in love. It feels like a fairytale how full your heart can be, almost feeling like you are in a Disney-esque movie. When/if it ends or when you overthink, it all felt like a dream. You know you are missing something that you aren’t sure was real, but it doesn’t leave you, like a dream. That is my take and why I like that whole chorus, really.”

Dayna D. (@darkfireunicorn): “I loved her like a fairytale, I lost her like a dream.”

Jessica (@JessicaKate413): “It really caught my attention. I don’t really have a reason why but it just struck a chord and I’ve loved it ever since.”

Lyric: “All these big thoughts go a-buzzin’, around my fragile brain.” (Cautionary Fairytale)

Kaity B. (@RogersThatCaptn): “That’s the shortest autobiography of myself I’ve ever read. That particular line resonates with me, and every time I listen to the song, if I’m not paying attention, I replay it so I can hear it.”

Lyric: “Go make a dress!” (24 Hours A Day)

Rain (@writteninrain):  “I have it printed out above my sewing table. My dressmaking is pretty much exclusively Richard related, so I couldn’t really choose any other line. If I was ever to cave and get myself inked in his handwriting, that’s the line!”

Lyric: “On a package show in Toronto, with us and Jason Manns and Louden Swain.” (Me & Paul)

Becca (@BreakMyDreams): “I just loved the personal touch and shout out on Me & Paul. There are other, more meaningful lyrics, perhaps, but I thought it was a wonderful tribute to some of the people who are responsible for us knowing how musically talented Richard is, and this album becoming a reality. I always catch myself grinning when that line plays.”

Laurie (@LauriePC): “I love the little edits they made to the lyrics of Me & Paul. I actually just really want to know if there might be a story behind that last line because that would be awesome.”

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Lyric: “Well, I’m goin’ straight to the bottom of the bottle, I’ll be reachin’ for that top shelf.” (Goin’ Straight)

Ebony (@WordsOfLeisure):“This song seems like an original spin in line with the ‘Jackson’ cover, and I mean that in the best way if you can match the quality of June and Johnny Cash. I love the word play in the song. The first two lyrics of the chorus really made me go back and pay attention to the song and that word play.”

Lyric: “There’s things in life you can’t control and things you can’t foresee, but if you find a real love, don’t ever let her leave.” (Cautionary Fairytale)

Muriel F. (@housecatsswain): I didn’t think about these lyrics until I listened to the songs to answer this. It seems particularly appropriate at this time to remember these lyrics when our whole world is changing. It may seem weird but it’s helping me right now.”

Emma H. (@preserveroftime): “This lyric is my favorite.”

Priscilla (@SuperWho_Lock1): “This is my favorite.”

Jessica (@jessica_capasso): “It’s just so true and I think something that everyone can relate to. Just hearing it in the tough times lets me know I’m not alone in that.”

Miranda (@Miranda9995): “My favorite emotional one is ‘I’m just so, so damn lonely so I sing this here refrain,’ and ‘Don’t ever let her leave.'”

Judy (@LAgirlHD): “Just true words!”

Rianna (@RiannaMelton): “This resonates on a personal level with me. There’s going to be significant challenges in life that you can never prepare for. Slow down to recognize the good in life and never take it for granted. Do the best you can to preserve what’s important to you and never let kind words go unsaid.”

Lyric: “Well, you won’t make a fool of me, oh, you can handle that all by yourself.” (Goin’ Straight)

Jana (@datajana): “This lyric is my favorite because others are always showing their true colors by the hateful words that come out of their own mouths.”

LeeAnn (@librarianleeann): “I love the lyrics in Goin’ Straight where Rich sings, ‘Well, you won’t make a fool of me’ and Emma shoots back, ‘Oh, you can handle that all by yourself.’ It is such a perfect comedic moment, and it reminds me of how some of my best friends and I interact together.”

Lyric: “…and fix your hair up, cuz’ it’s a mess.” (24 Hours A Day)

Julia (@willow_row): “Why? because I identify with being a mess, and it was very southern and charming.”

Lyric: “Are you kiddin’ me!?” (Raspberry Beret)

Alison (@GbrielLives): “I love in Rasberry Beret when Rich yells ‘are you kiddin’ me!?’ I always yell it too and it just makes me smile.”

Stay tuned for the next part!


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