Netflix Releases ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ Reboot Teaser

Courtesy of Netflix


The Baby-Sitters are back in business! Netflix has officially released a teaser for its upcoming reboot of the 90’s classic The Baby-Sitters Club, based on the novels by Ann M. Martin, who will also serve as a producer for Netflix’s adaption.

The 10-episode series will follow the friendship and adventures of the original characters in the books as they navigate through middle school, and start-up their babysitting business in Stoneybrook Connecticut.. The series will star Sophie Grace (Kristy Thomas), Malia Baker (Mary Anne Spier), Momona Tamada (Claudia Kishi), Shay Rudolph (Stacey McGill), and Xochitl Gomez (Dawn Schafer).  Alicia Silverstone (Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer), Mark Feuerstein (Watson Brewer), and Marc Evan Jackson (Richard Spier) will also star in the show. According to EW, the Netflix adaption will feature a modern twist on the stories and will premiere on July 3.

Check out the teaser below!


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