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Laura Vandervoort Stars in Online Premiere of SXSW Film ‘Unspeakable’

CONVENTIONSLaura Vandervoort Stars in Online Premiere of SXSW Film 'Unspeakable'

Fans of Laura Vandervoort (Smallville) will soon get to see her in a new starring role for free! Vandervoort stars in Unspeakable, an episodic short and television series proof-of-concept that follows the journey of a desperate woman on the run with no choice but to assume the identity of a girl who went missing as a child. She must keep up the deception or face the consequences of her deception. Vandervoort stars alongside Jeff Kober of SullySons of Anarchy, and The Walking Dead. 

“I read the script and fell in love with this character and story,” said Vandervoort. “Working with David’s words and Milena’s vision is an actor’s dream. They make a dynamic team. We were completely in sync throughout the filming.”

Image Courtesy Unspeakable.

The 15 minute episodic short will be available online Monday, April 13, and is pulled from the one-hour pilot. A five-season series arc has already been mapped out for the show that promises plenty of intrigue and family drama as she navigates this new world. The story unfolds against a classic Americana backdrop with contrasts of expansive shots of wide open Texas sky and close up shots that will examine the “living silences” in performances. According to the series website,

“Throughout, we sense the yearning of a broken family trying to heal, and the struggle of an impostor grasping to hold on to a life that seemed out of reach in the face of impossible circumstances. Everyone in this story has deep-rooted secrets that could destroy the family, so much of the drama is propelled by the things that are left unsaid.”

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Unspeakable is directed by Milena Govich (FBIChicago Med) and created by David Cornue (Triage / ABC). Govich recently worked on FBI as the first female Co-EP/Producing Director of a Dick Wolf series. As an actress, she is also known for her work on MTV’s Finding Carter, FX’s Rescue Me, and as the only female detective on NBC’s Law & Order. Her husband, Cornue, penned the script from his one-hour drama pilot and composed the score. He produced alongside Stephen Moffatt and Kate Chamuris.

“Laura is a remarkable talent,” said Govich. “I couldn’t have asked for a better actor to bring passion and empathy to this role. Even though the character deceives the missing girl’s family, Laura’s performance highlights the desperation of her circumstances and her wish to bring happiness and closure to a grieving family. You can’t help but root for her. This emotional complexity is what will drive the full series and ask the audience to consider if the truth can be the enemy of happiness.”

Unspeakable will be available to watch on YouTube and Vimeo on Monday, April 13! Check out the trailer below for a glimpse at this thrilling drama and visit the website for more information!

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