Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Michael Vlamis Releases ‘Making It’

TELEVISIONMichael Vlamis Releases 'Making It'

In a brand new newsletter today from actor Michael Vlamis, he dropped some news that he’s releasing an old, never-before-seen project called Making It. The project was made in 2014, and Vlamis credits the project as one that got him, “writing, producing, directing, and most importantly, acting.”

Making It was co-created with Michael Gabriel. Here’s more of what Vlamis had to say on the project:

I’m proud to announce I’ve partnered with Tumblr to release MAKING IT; a three episode digital series satirizing the life of a wannabe Hollywood actor. We’re making fun of everyone in the industry, including ourselves. As ridiculous as the show gets, it’s grounded in truth. Episode 1, which is now available, even predicted the future. Well, my future.

Episode 2 and 3 will be released at 11am PT on Thursday and Friday, respectively. If you’re looking for bonus content, check out his Tumblr page.

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Watch the first episode of Making It below!


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